Thursday, December 18, 2008

Play Day finished

Well, I have added my affirmations to my canvas made at Bevleas on Monday.
I am quite proud of it. Am I allowed to be LOL.
My DH said that knowledge made my neck grow and that Pinocchio was my boyfriend. LOL He is a shocker isn't he.

The technique was from Kelly Rae Roberts that was published in Cloth Paper Scissors issue 17. Bevlea is so clever and shared her wealth of knowledge on face painting, will I be able to do it again.hmmmmmmmmmmmm more lessons probably. Gosh, bubble wraps good stuff isn't it.... It sure make a good background.

Any comments on it will be gratefully received. :-)
Good, bad or indifferent LOL............

We are rushing up to Christmas time. We are having the week between Christmas and New Year off work. But looking after the business while the owners are away with family that are over from Germany. We have no family over so we will be Ma & Pa by ourselves. But my girlfriend Sandy is coming over on the 27th so we will celebrate a bit then. It really is quite hard to be here without family, especially the babies. They grow so fast.

Anyway, Hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year. Check back soon, you won't know what I might get up to over the break.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Playing with Friends

Yesterday I went over to Bevleas to have a play day. Took a day off work......... Well it happened to be an enforced day anyway as I have been a bit unwell for a few days, so it was great to go and play. It was a great day. We played with some techniques from Kelly Rae Roberts Taking Flight book. Attendees were Bevlea, Lucy , Elizabeth and Barb from long distance.
Barb has hers on her blog already. Shes a clever GF.

Here is the first one of mine that we did. Almost identical to the book, but it was a practise run. I will do another soon with the stamps that I originally was going to use, but unanimous decision we decided to do the same as the book.

We then did another technique from CPS that I haven't quite finished yet. I will load it here when its done. But just to say that Bevlea is a fantastic tutor and I learnt heaps about doing faces :-)) Will I remember it for another time, probably not. But hey an email away or a phone call away and help is there.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Well here we are only 4 days after my previous post.
Not a lot happened at all. Have done a few more things artwise.
Sent a pennant series to a guy in New Zealand and it got lost in the post.
Heres the pics, sorry Denis. Will make you some more.

I enjoyed making them. I will do some more and hope that the firts lot turns up too, then he can arrange them across is new craft room wall.

I am going to visit Bevlea on Monday and we are going to do a page in a book that a few of us have. I am looking forward to it. We will be using Sculpy etc. Never done any baking clay seriously before, so a learning curve for me.
Ciow for now........... I will return :-)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Well I havent done so well yet in posting on this have I LOL.

My thanks to Bevlea for designing my Blog header. Shes good isn't she.

I will now upload a couple of things I have done in the last couple of weeks.
Ive been doing some house pages for a group I am in. The first one is Glass house for Nikki, the Architectural house for Lucy, next is Vintage house for Gail and along side is French house for Sarah. I cant wait fo my turn. My title is "My Mothers House" I have another one ( Greta's) in my camera to upload and another in progress on my desk. They are great to make..

Anyway. I am going to do my challenges, starting today, so will upload it ASAP, first I have to go into the challenge site and see what I am supposed to be doing.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Ive been reading the book Artful Blogger and at first I thought the book was a bit blah, but on reading again I realise its time for me to do some serious stuff on here.

I like Michelle Wards Green Pepper Press Street Team idea from her pages(pages 24 and 25 in the book) and so I will try and do her Challenges so as to keep this blog more up-to-date. Its not a design team, so no tryouts, its about having fun and sharing your work. The challenges are called Crusades and are posted monthly. So.......... an updated look is on its way. When its done I will link to some very talented people.

I'm also going to Creative Soul Retreat organised by Bevlea Ross, being held in March 2009. I am so looking forward to it. Meeting lots of new faces to names and also some faces that I havent seen for a while. When I learn how I will link these things for you to follow and have a look at some awesome eyecandy.


Unto us a child is born.

Hey, people, I forgot to let you know that Victoria Rangi was born in Wanganui in New Zealand on July 26th, she is absolutely gorgeous and her parents and grandparents are very proud. I went over and stayed for two weeks. It was a precious time and I found it hard to leave the family behind. It was just wonderful to see the parents and also my number one grandson, mind you it was Papa he was looking for, but he certainly is a Nan-nans boy.

Anyway. It was so good to see Paul as they had stayed with us in Shepparton from early March to mid May. See his picture with his Dad, hasnt he grown. I Will update more later.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Hie everyone..............

This is a Triptych done for Paperarts March swap.This is the inside, the technique I used was from Bernie Berlins book and is the resist with paint, and an iron. Who said ironing wasnt good fun!! I need to learn to scan better. LOL I do like the color scheme. Unusual for me, who doesnt deviate too much from purple and more purple.

This is the outside of the tryptich, it folds into itself.

On the family side of life, we have the family Jared and Pauline here from New Zealand, so have our gorgeous grandson living with us for a time. The weather for the first week was unbearable for them, the power bill will be horrendous...... Not much art time at the moment. too busy having cuddles.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

January 23rd

Well, we've had Christmas and New Year, quiet for us and a first to not have any family about.

But excitement, we are off to NZ on Saturday to visit the family and to attend a long awaited wedding. Congratulations Lulu (Rochelle) number 1 niece....We are so looking forward to that day......

This week a friend from NZ had my grandson visit, so she took
some up to date pictures of him. here is Paul at 9months, Isn't he in one word ""gorgeous""I cant wait to cuddle and spoil him. His Dad says hes even more gorgeous and cuddly in the flesh.
I have been busy in the craft room too and finally finished the canvas that I have been wanting to do for ages, Now it adorns the title space on this blog. I really must get into Photoshop and edit out the ironing board behind the pic, but thought you would like to see it anyway.
The pic was taken a couple of days before we left Maziotela in Northern Mozambique to return to NZ in 2001 and it is pics of the grandmother Amelia and the baby Nelia that I looked after while out there. She was crying because Geoff was taking the photo and she didn't like white men as they hurt her. She had to go to the clinic for treatment for her bad burns and Terry the Australian male nurse used to treat her. She had got used to me by this stage. We returned her and Amelia to the bush village the next day.
Anyway. I am going to enjoy my visit to NZ, catching up with a couple of friends and hopefully get a bit of craft work done too.......
See ya in February.