Sunday, December 20, 2009


I won a gift of Christy Laudig's Blog How about that. She had a competition to leave a post on her blog to celebrate her 50th post and I won.......How cool is that. She has asked for my snail mail address, so I will be watching the mail box with anticipation to see what one she is sending me.

I must count up my posts and do something similar. Well I can do something even if people don't want my art stuff LOL, but I am making more of this jewellery so that might be what I could do, we shall see!!

December Play Days

Well, where did that month go.  A few days after moving into our new abode, we, the 3FL+1 got together at my place and we put together our  Spooky books, using Itkupilli Images,  we were joined online by Margaret Weiss, poor Margaret it was a bit hard going for her. The slide show is the book that I put together. I love my cover and found the neat little house in a local scrapbook shop.

The next play day was at Lucys where we made a start on Stephanie Lees book Semiprecious Salvage   and made a couple of things , One being the Scroll brooch/necklace , and the other was a small wire nest with Pearl beads that Lucy showed us how to make. Pic below. They are easy to make and I will be making a few more for different projects.

Then we had another play day on the 18th, what fun, we are now the 4 FL, I got relegated to a FL instead of +1 as I must be showing the effects of sitting in an office and too much choccy :-).

Anyway we made some more stuff from Stephanie Lees book, The button pendant and the Pages pendant.  I think for now I am over bending metal, heheehehe, til next time....
 The words on this pendant are    great.
AH! WHAT TALENT "YES" Well done I thought as it was just a page out of an old book and I didn't even choose the page to be the front. The page pendant was a bit fiddly with the tiny bolts, but made me go on another excursion with Eliza to Bunnings Tool shop, her favourite toy shop to get a small spanner for my tool kit. Oh and I managed to get a few other bits a well.
We had etched the metal on one of our other play days, more needed now. Cut a piece of the etched metal about 1 x1 1/2,  cut up strips of old books and made a book block, then bent the metal over to make a spine along the top, put in a wire and some beads and then put the tiniest screws and bolts in.

Now, heres a couple of pics that should be labeled.

How cute are these LOL..... See told you we had a fabulous time..

We also exchanged Chrissy presents, and heres a couple of pics of mine from Bevlea and Lucy. Thank you to you both. Mery Christmas

This was the last play day at Bevleas abode as she is on the move on the 29th Dec, sounds like we will have a fabulous play area, and  get a cook for our lunches etc, as Bevleas sister Caryl and her hubby will be sharing the large house. They must be saints as I would probably kill my sister if we lived together LOL..

Oh well, better get off here and get on with other things I need to do.
Have a very Blessed Christmas everyone. REMEMBER THE REASON FOR THE SEASON....