Friday, August 28, 2015

FotoChallenge Week 8 Textures

This weeks FotoChallenge prompt with Bevlea and Jan was Textures.
the photo was taken on AV on my Canon, when I had it on Auto it showed up quite grey, but this is actually the correct color. It is by the camp kitchen where there is a very large tree stump and the  bits at he bottom are a hard growth on  it.
I love it and will probably use it as a piece in some of my artwork at some stage. Hope you like it and please do leave me a comment. I love seeing what you have to say. Inspires me to keep going. See you next week with Juxtaposition ( now that I will need to look up LOL)

FotoChallenge Week 7 and 8 to follow

This weeks FotoChallenge prompt with Bevlea and Jan was Still Life, well actually it was meant to be posted by last Sunday night. But I have had internet issues for many days. Like none available, then when I got it back, couldn't load anything. Grrrr  It was caused by the provider of the Satelite upgrading the Satelite and they lost all the clients settings, so only told us if you rang them to say hey I have no internet It got sorted, but then crashed out again about 2 hrs later   Come along and join us. you don't need a blog as Bevlea has started a face book page "Fotochallenge" that we can share our artistic photos on, and if you have a blog then they can be put there as well. Let me know if you want an invite.
So here is last weeks post.

Still Life.
I looked round and didn't find anything really exciting to post, so took a pic of this old bike that Geoff painted for me to put in the garden, the grass has since been mowed :-)
Still Life (left in the old girl)
I would have been as adventurous as the links Bevlea put up as examples, there were some great ones.
Anyway, back in a few minutes with this weeks post "Textures".............cheers Gxxx

Monday, August 17, 2015


This weeks FotoChallenge prompt with Bevlea and Jan was Animals.   Come along and join us. you dont need a blog as Bevlea will start a facebook page that we can share our artistic photos on, and if you have a blog then they can be put there as well.

I missed last weeks which was Shallow DOF (Depth of Focus) I had great difficulty getting the background of my pictures to be blurry with my camera, despite heaps of advice from Bevlea. loads of try out photos  and several tutorials online, I think it may be my camera as I have done it before. So I missed that one, but will persevere with it over the next week or so.

Anyway......... for those who haven't met Georgie, he is our 8 month old beautiful Ragdoll Cat. I have always loved the ragdolls as my wonderful Sister in law Maureen had a couple over a number of years, so my decison many years ago now, just before we left NZ was that if we ever got another cat it was going to be a ragdoll.

So meet Georgie. (Named for Georgie Porgie Puddnin Pie, kissed the girls and made them cry :-) )

He loves to roam the camp, he thinks he owns it,  and follows us down to the river, may be a problem come wriggly season. So last week after a big walk we took, with Aroha as well, he had climbed or raced up a tree  and I managed to capture his front as he turned around. He is a delight and loves being out and about with us. He stalks the ducks, stalks the kids, and loves to play and jump on Zaccy..............  Ok, cute story over.

I have been keeping busy at night with some knitting needles :-) A long time since I played with them for no real reason. But  below is what it looked like first off.

 Next with some stuffing etc, this is what Henny looks like now. LOL.. Still got to find the eyes in my stash somewhere to finish it off.
Well , it is an animal LOL....

Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 4 FotoChallenge FOOD

Yummy yummy, This weeks FotoChallenge prompt with Bevlea and Jan was Food.
I, unlike my townie friends couldn't go to a shopping centre and get anything nice from a bakery LOL, so had to make my own.
I made for desert, Little Lemon puddings, so yummy. Made with Lemon Honey (homemade) or Lemon Butter (curd) as its called over here, with a sponge topping in ramekins, then tipped upside down when cooked. They are meant to be served with custard, but I prefer cream.  And to top the pic off, a Jonquil picked from my garden today.

Please join with us and take a photo of the week, post it to your blog and leave a link here in my comments so we can go and leave you a comment too.

I did have another photo of food, we had some guests in camp who got a deer the other night while out hunting and they left us some of it. Geoff was cutting it up for the freezer when Aroha decided to help him, when I rescued the Stanley knife from her and gave her an ice-cream stick to work with. It was so cute, but I am mindful of sqeamish tummies and some people don't like to see animals killed, but we have to eat :-)  so for now I won't post that pic. :-)  But she's learning early where food comes from, not the supermarket butchers etc