Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Paperarts WTA

Each month Paperarts group has a Winner Take All challenge. Each month the lovely Kelsey from Perth sends the"loser" or the person that puts last a lovely consolation prize. This month it was me.

here is the lovely ATC from Kelsey....

Hey, its not even Sunday and here I am again..............And nobody has  left me a comment, see I told you no one notices. Now I feel totally rejected "boo hoo"
Never mind. I am enjoying the blog anyway.

See you again soon.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

More than a week

has gone by and I haven't posted like I said I would.. Oh well nobody notices anyway LOL...
A lot has happened since last post. That horrid flu going around Melbourne hit us here too. Tori and I were a bit unwell for a few days, but otherwise we are all great.
Had the "My Body Is A Cage"  ATC's arrive from Germany Marion's International swap..
I Love them all.
Left is from Libe?
Centre is from Sabine Busch
Right is from Birgit Macht
Mine is a post or two below here,

And another week goes by.............
I have been in some swaps for Papertraders a new group I have joined..
Here is the pic of a 1-4-1 swap and my partner is Beckie

It has a printed transparency in the centre and an image added.... I hope she likes it.

Also on Art Is an international swap we did 6 -4-5  to be sent to a co-ordinator for swapping
I am looking forward to the returns.  The theme was Wild, Weird and Wonderful. I hope it meets the brief.

In that time we celebrated Victoria's 4th birthday as well.
She had a ball and loved her "Pink Party"  Sorry its not very clear, but she is hard to photograph she wont stay still LOL, but she is a very happy little girl. This was the night of her birthday. The card was from our friend Eva and her grand-daughter Lilly. It is a gorgeous card. She loves it.
Oh well, see you next week we hope. Have a good one.