Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Marion Bockelmanns 2012 ATC project.

I have joined Marions 2012 ATC project again this year. This one is titled "My Body Is A Cage". I have visited a few sites of ladies who are in the swap who have sent theirs to Marion and the work is fantastic. I will look forward to my returns.
Here is mine............. Credits to. Tumble Fish Studio for Victorian cage, can't remember whose the head is, but sure it was one  I have purchased from Deviant Muse.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Canvas board done in DJ Pettit's Class

I have at long last finished the canvas board that I did in DJ Pettit's class at ART Queens retreat in April.
The class was fantastic and huge thank you to DJ, but also to Bevlea and Lucy for organising such a fantastic retreat again. (Can't link at the moment, my Internet not doing what it should tonight, so I will edit it in a few days)
Anyway........ I love owls and have done so since childhood.

Here is the result of my "Seeing Things Differently" painting.

DJ is such a patient lovely teacher, always willing to share her knowledge beyond what she needs to in a class. I know we all love her to bits and hope she comes back down-under again sometime. This was done in her Sunday class. I am not sure how I will frame this yet.

On Friday we did the "Be Squared" Book.
I am still working on that and hope to get it completed this Wednesday coming.  We made all the signatures and painted the covers and learnt some interesting techniques that are absolutely great and I will be using them time and time again.

Anne Squire from Rotorua NZ came over on the Thursday and stayed with me and we went to retreat expecting to have fun and friendship and we sure did.
Anne Squire and Glenda

The lovely DJ Pettit and Glenda
I will load more pics after I finish the book. See you then.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Long time since I have posted

and Wow I come here and blogger has changed everything around. I had to hunt around to find things. I'm too old for this much change LOL.
Anyway, last time I was here we had just got back from the Tocumwal weekend and Barb had that horrific accident. She is still in Melbourne in rehabilitation although is staying at her sisters place to be close to all that she needs. Talked to her a few days ago again and she sounds better than last week when I talked to her.

Anyway.. Artwise I have been making a little bit, not much. I am too tired at night to do much but fall asleep on the chair, but when I do have some time that I feel good I have done the 5x5 Vintage Fat Book pages up to June for Paperarts swap. I am really enjoying this swap as its only 3 pages, 2 to swap and one for myself. The rules are we have to use Sepia, Latte and one other color. Black & White are ok.
Here is the pics of the ones I have done so far.

For January: Title Doors and Windows...

By Lucy Leatham.

By Glenda

By Jane Wilding

Next for February is Women in Literature.
By Trizzy Crouch

By Alessandra
By Glenda

By Debbi Weiss

By Glenda

March is Music

By Bevlea

By Alessandra

 Oh well. that took me a week to get back to LOL. I will continue it in a few days time with the other ones I have done and a bit more. See you then.