Sunday, July 26, 2009

And Two days later...........

Geoff and I, decided to go for a drive today in the bush. It was such a nice day. We headed for Mt Donna Buang and didnt quite get there. We went to another area instead. We stopped on the way and there was all these beautiful birds. I managed to get one on my hand by offering it some cake we had with us. Well it was fruit cake home made off course so very healthy for a Female Ecclectus.
Here it is. Its so beautiful I am happy for you to take this picture and use it. Its not copyright :-)..............

I am just finishing my Number ATC's too so will load it shortly.

Friday, July 24, 2009


A New Zealand group I belong to has had a half mask swap going. Every two weeks we do a half mask to a specific theme.
The first two were Shades of Peacock or Cirque de Reinvente and Golden Girl or Tacky.
Here is mine, that I chose to do, that are on their way to new owners. They do look so much better in the flesh. So Doreen and Kelly if you want to be surprised don't peek.
They were fun to do and a change from ATC's etc.....

The next theme is Asian or Spring, havent decided yet which way I will go.

I am about to make my ATC's for Paperarts group entitled "Numbers". All going well I might be able to add the pic tonight as well. So look back later.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Creative Mondays and more

Once a month three friends get together and have a play time, this last Monday Bevlea, Lucy and Eliza came to visit my place and we started a 7Gypsies CityScape Board Book. Lucy chose Vintage, Bevlea Gothic and Eliza and I are doing Zetti, We must have needed some practise LOL.
Here is a sneak peek at a couple of pages started last Monday.
I had not done much Zetti at all and finally understand the way it should be. Bevlea explained to me that Zetti can be done two ways. Zetti by day, bright colors and Zetti by night, old Circus colors. So my plan is to do one side daytime and the reverse will be Night time.

I also have joined a Zetti ATC swap run by Marion Bocklemann The challenge was to make three Zetti style ATC's to send to Germany and swap with other International artists. I have done two lots of three.
I had fun doing these as they are much brighter etc than what I normally do.

Marion they are postal tomorrow.

I also need to learn how to put the pics in a good spot. HELP!!!! LOL

Sunday, July 5, 2009


ME, ME, ME, I entered into the discussion on Barbs blog where she had put a challenge on for people to comment about why some people don't comment on some blogs that they visit. Barb had been on a blog JESSICA WESOLEK and she had an article about GIVING BACK, it made very interesting reading, and we all had to comment on it to go in the lottery to win this
ATC from Barb. I had coveted it anyway, so am very pleased that it was MY turn to win something. Thank you Eliza
for the heads up to go look and see who comment number three was.

Today during our walk with the dog (Zaccy) I came across this tree that had gorgeous bark on it and I couldnt resist bringing some home to scan and use as backgrounds.

So, for my Kiwi friends you might see it on a background (paper) as it would be confiscated at customs, the Aussies probably think I'm loopy, but hey I liked it. I think its paperbark???

The ATCMixed Media Yahoo group run by Eliza and Lucy had a Tryptich Arch swap for last month and I offered to fill the gap and do two. Here is one of them that has been posted and Sandra can peek or not :-)
The second one I will load when it is finished and posted, probably tomorrow.