Sunday, December 2, 2007

2nd December 2007

Wow, where does the time go...........Since last post Ive been down to Melbourne for the Melbourne Paperific Expo. I had a great time and again thank Joan McA for the bed and laughs amidst the car breaking down at an intersection on a dark wet Friday night, Thanks to her hubby Geoff for coming out to the rescue with the RACV rescue, and a lot of $$ later, now don't do what I did, the application to join Roadside Assist came a few days before the weekend and it was sitting on my desk waiting to log on and pay the join up, sure costs more when you have to join up whilst sitting in your car thats died totally at the traffic lights. Saturday saw us at the MPE again, I had met up with a few ladies for lunch on the Friday, Bevlea, Barb and Lucy and a few others, Saturday I met up with Lynette from NZStampers, great to put a face to the name....

We wandered the show together and then I booked into a few make n takes, for me and Joan, especially the Collections ones................Saturday night was the Stamphappy dinner, enjoyable and oh did those girls rag on, there was a Male belly dancer and he was very entertaining, beat the girl hands down. HE WAS GOOD...................shake rattle roll...................

Sunday I went off to Bevleas for a technique day with her and Barb T as tutors, what a great day. LOVED it................ I will load pic here, these are the techniques we did. Using, sheer heaven transfers, watercolour papers, gel medium transfers, gelmedium and pearlex bacground and that fantastic product Brite Shine, you know that stuff that is for polishing your cars and stuff.... It has taken on a new life...... Oh and we did beeswax too.
1: Beeswax, 2: GelMedium 3: Sheer Heaven and watercolor 4: Briteshine 4: Sheer Heaven and watercolor 5: Gel medium background with lumieres and pearlex.

Bevlea had invited me to stay the night, so we played again til quite late. Thank you Barb for being our cook........shes good, rustled up some scrumptious seafood for a very late dinner while we made our Alcohol Inks ATC's for Paperarts..........
Headed home on the Monday after a very lazy start to the day.

Since that weekend, Ive played a bit more with those techniques. Ive been making a few Skinny Book pages for a swap from New Zealand too.....size is 4 1/2inches by 8inches.

These are just two of the pics
Vintage Nature Under the Sea

I have enjoyed doing them. The other thing Ive been doing is getting into some bead making. I made some spiders, hoping it may cure my fear of them, no such luck, so sorry spiders your still destined to be sprayed, hit, squashed........Made lots of charms for a NZ Tartistry swap, will load some pics when they are back...........
And on the family side of things. The little fellow in the picture above is going to have a brother or sister next July........hey J&P, thats too soon you know...........
We are off home on 26th January for a wedding on the 2nd February, eldest niece is getting married. So looking forward to it. At long last Lulu (Rochelle) has found the right bloke.
It will be great to get home and visit with family and friends and to see that little fellow again who is growing up, he now is 8months old. boohoo......He's growing up without knowing his Nanny and Pa............ It will be great to see our daughter again too and J&P, parents of the little one...........When I get some uptodate pics of him I will put one here, no-one sends me any......
We have friends coming from New Zealand next week. I am so looking forward to that.

Oh well, must go, lets hope that posts are not as long between dates again , well pigs fly too don't they. LOL

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

28th August 2007

Well a month has passed nearly since last post.
I have just been to an ancientechoes workshop Masters Backgrounds tutored by the fabulous Joy Bathie. The workshop was fantastic and I learnt heaps, hopefully now will not just splash a couple of colors of paint on my work, but will try to obtain the depth that is shown in the two pics I have put in here.

Green above is done on prepared book pages
the Red is done on a Canvas.
I am looking forward to the next workshop that will be run by Ancient echoes and have put me hand up to be in already :-) I had a fabulous time and again many thanks to Joan McA for the bed and the laughs........

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

30th July 2007

Goodness me, time sure flies when youre having fun.. The past month has gone really fast. Im not sure where it went, but Ive done lots of art work which Ive enjoyed, I will put some pics in honestly, I will LOL...........Ok heres a couple.

The canvas on the right is one I did for paperarts July 1-4-1 swap titled "Wares Sold Fortunes Told" the ATC on the left also for July in Paperarts and its tiltled "Metallica Metal Works" Im looking forward to doing the Joy Bathie Masters Backgrounds at the end of August. That should be fun and challenging.

Today I went to Melbourne and met up with one of the creative ladies from Paperarts group. Thanks for a lovely time HRH Eliza. Anyway, lets see if I get back to this site sooner rather than later with more stuff.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

15th June 2007

Gosh where does time go?? Since setting up this blog and not getting back to it, weve become grandparents to a fine wee boy born 10th April to Jared and Pauline in New Zealand.
We have been back to NZ to visit and have a few cuddles. His name is Paul Evan, after his parents and Geoffs brother who died last year. We have had a visit from Helen & Sid and JJ at Easter and then Maureen & Jim came the week we returned from NZ.
I have done lots of art work, but not got round to putting any in here yet. Will attempt something tonight :-)
Anyway off to try that. keep checking back, you never know what I might have got in here. LOL

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Welcome to Glendas Gazette

28th January 2007

Well this is a new thing. Hope I can keep you updated with whats happening in my Art World.
Yesterday 27th I went to Melbourne to do a Photoshop 101 with Caro and Bevlea. Wow, Wow, Wow.........Enjoyed the day so much and learnt a heap.
Will post some ATC' pics when have a play.