Tuesday, August 28, 2007

28th August 2007

Well a month has passed nearly since last post.
I have just been to an ancientechoes workshop Masters Backgrounds tutored by the fabulous Joy Bathie. The workshop was fantastic and I learnt heaps, hopefully now will not just splash a couple of colors of paint on my work, but will try to obtain the depth that is shown in the two pics I have put in here.

Green above is done on prepared book pages
the Red is done on a Canvas.
I am looking forward to the next workshop that will be run by Ancient echoes and have put me hand up to be in already :-) I had a fabulous time and again many thanks to Joan McA for the bed and the laughs........

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Bevlea said...

Great work glenda.. nice to catch up with you again....

Next up is MPE - see you there!