Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another House of History page

this time for Shirley. Her title was Narnia. Took me a while to do this one, mainly doing the kids stuff and work in the way.

I hope she likes it.

On the left is the front and the right is the back...

I used texture paste to raise the surface on the front added the pics and tree and painted over bits etc, It still didn't seem quite right so I added John Wayne texture (LOL ask Bevlea) and more paint and it looked better..
This weekend I am joining with a few other lovely ladies and we are attending a Jan Harris workshop organised by Bevlea and Eva. The two days are Saturday Bookbinding called "Not your Mothers book" and Sunday we are doing "Lets get Waxy"
So I hope to be able to post some good stuff here next week of what we did.

On Saturday we went to the Healesville heritage show and then after lunch we went on the Badgers weir.
Its a great place to take kids and visitors.
Here is a pic of the kids and myself.feeding the birds. At first Paul was very wary, but Toria loved it and was chasing around trying to get the birds to feed off her hand, took a while to quieten her down enough to get the birds on her hand.

See you soon. G

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My little helper

Took a photo of Paul today helping clear up the table from lunch. He had helped Papa to make some Muffins for lunch and then while I was stacking the dishwasher he came and got the cloth and went and wiped down the table on the deck where we had enjoyed  lunch in the warmth,
He's a good little boy and I love him to bits....

The next photo on the right  I took a few weeks ago. not a very good photo but we have a budding Planker LOL...  She is very good at swinging etc and will probably make a very good gymnast.

Anyway I will come back later and put in some pics of recent artwork.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


I bought a new collage sheet from ARTchix Studio as a download a couple of days ago and so made these ATCs with parts of them. One is a for the WTA in Paperarts and the other just a spare to swap or whatever . I love Owls and have done since I was a child. My mum had a lovely ceramic owl, but when she died and I went to clear her house out I couldn't find it sadly.

The one on the left is for the WTA (Winner Takes All)
The one on the right is a spare to swap etc.

The months swap for Paperarts was Steampunk with moving parts.
I made a cog background and found a pic of Charlie Chaplin which I sat on a Alterations Tim Holtz Gears die that I cut out with some silver card and added a screw type brad. Charlie does swing from side to side , hence the title ...........                            "Charlie Really Swings"

I also have been making some jigsaw pieces for a group swap in New Zealand.
Each person had a colour theme that we had to do it in. Otherwise it was a free theme.  Sorry they are in centre :-) I couldn't get them to go 3 to a row
Black and White 

 Green & Brown

Black and Gold

Purple and Silver

Torquoise and Gold

White and Gold

Green and Brown

Blue/Green and Silver
.When the recipients have received them I will add the names of who they are for. Lets see if they can guess.
I enjoyed this swap. Mine is not made yet as I want to wait and see what I get back. My colours are Raspberry, Lime green and White....