Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The last month or so

Has gone by in a blur. Had a fabulous day with Bevlea and Lucy when we went to Healseville to do a  PMC  (Precious Metal Clay) class. It was great and very easy (if you have the basic craft skills) Not something I need to buy tools for LOL, just the PMC3, but as its very expensive I won't be buying it often.

Has taken a while to post as my lovely printer decided to die and had to go to Printer hospital but its now back and in good working order again.........................Here is my earrings and pendant I made............
I have made various ATC's for Paperarts and NZ Stampers for monthly swaps.
              This one is a Gothic house that had to be able to be opened for Paperarts.

The image I used is one from Itkupilli.

The next is the Gothic Microscope Slide swap which we did one for one.
Mine went to Peta, I hope she liked it.The microscope slide holder           actually broke in the process, so I had to put it together with wire and added some beads.
 The one on the left is the front and back cover, the one above is the inside. The two ladies on the right want to know "who is she" on the left. : These were fun and the microscope slides can be bought from Scraptivate over in WA.

Last Friday the 11th, Bevlea and Lucy made their way over to my place and we had a fabulous play day, lots of fun, food and laughter. We worked on our fabric cuffs some more. Pics still to come when I finish the clasp, But just to say they haven't joined the ranks of the many UFOs that fill my craft room. One day I will retire and finish them all that is if I can then  remember what they were mean't to be ROFLMAO

We also spent a bit of time brainstorming the swaps for mixed media to help the lovely Lucy decide what to do for the Paperarts swaps for next year. They are going to be good ones, so if you belong to Paperarts check out the database.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Jan Harris Workshop

last weekend was fantastic. I loved it and Jan was so lovely and gracious. Had time for everybody, repeated stuff for latecomers and was very generous with the kits provided, plus some other bits for me. Thank you Jan.
Saturday saw us preparing our pewter piece for the Repousse
Jan started off by showing us how to do it, Above.......................
then we made ours ....... Right....

Completed Book...................
 Then Sunday was Waxy Layers.....................................
 At first  I did not like this at all, but as the day went on and the layers built, so did my enthusiasm, then when we added Shellac (below) WOW................... I was hooked, well we shall see if I spend $$$ on wax and pancake pastels etc etc.....and all the things required to go with it....................

 First off we built layers of wax that has been mixed with Resin, then added collage pics etc, then when finished we added Shellac and set fire to it, well Jan did LOL................. The one on the right has been done with different colours of wax in stripes and then added a transfer of the the owl and a piece of stamped tissue then added more layers of wax etc through stencils etc.  Yes I do like it................THANK YOU JAN.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another House of History page

this time for Shirley. Her title was Narnia. Took me a while to do this one, mainly doing the kids stuff and work in the way.

I hope she likes it.

On the left is the front and the right is the back...

I used texture paste to raise the surface on the front added the pics and tree and painted over bits etc, It still didn't seem quite right so I added John Wayne texture (LOL ask Bevlea) and more paint and it looked better..
This weekend I am joining with a few other lovely ladies and we are attending a Jan Harris workshop organised by Bevlea and Eva. The two days are Saturday Bookbinding called "Not your Mothers book" and Sunday we are doing "Lets get Waxy"
So I hope to be able to post some good stuff here next week of what we did.

On Saturday we went to the Healesville heritage show and then after lunch we went on the Badgers weir.
Its a great place to take kids and visitors.
Here is a pic of the kids and myself.feeding the birds. At first Paul was very wary, but Toria loved it and was chasing around trying to get the birds to feed off her hand, took a while to quieten her down enough to get the birds on her hand.

See you soon. G

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My little helper

Took a photo of Paul today helping clear up the table from lunch. He had helped Papa to make some Muffins for lunch and then while I was stacking the dishwasher he came and got the cloth and went and wiped down the table on the deck where we had enjoyed  lunch in the warmth,
He's a good little boy and I love him to bits....

The next photo on the right  I took a few weeks ago. not a very good photo but we have a budding Planker LOL...  She is very good at swinging etc and will probably make a very good gymnast.

Anyway I will come back later and put in some pics of recent artwork.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


I bought a new collage sheet from ARTchix Studio as a download a couple of days ago and so made these ATCs with parts of them. One is a for the WTA in Paperarts and the other just a spare to swap or whatever . I love Owls and have done since I was a child. My mum had a lovely ceramic owl, but when she died and I went to clear her house out I couldn't find it sadly.

The one on the left is for the WTA (Winner Takes All)
The one on the right is a spare to swap etc.

The months swap for Paperarts was Steampunk with moving parts.
I made a cog background and found a pic of Charlie Chaplin which I sat on a Alterations Tim Holtz Gears die that I cut out with some silver card and added a screw type brad. Charlie does swing from side to side , hence the title ...........                            "Charlie Really Swings"

I also have been making some jigsaw pieces for a group swap in New Zealand.
Each person had a colour theme that we had to do it in. Otherwise it was a free theme.  Sorry they are in centre :-) I couldn't get them to go 3 to a row
Black and White 

 Green & Brown

Black and Gold

Purple and Silver

Torquoise and Gold

White and Gold

Green and Brown

Blue/Green and Silver
.When the recipients have received them I will add the names of who they are for. Lets see if they can guess.
I enjoyed this swap. Mine is not made yet as I want to wait and see what I get back. My colours are Raspberry, Lime green and White....


Sunday, July 31, 2011

ATCs received

I have received my swaps in the Mona and Friends swap hosted by Marion  which she hosts each year and sends an invite to join in.

Mine came from Left Fiona Randall, Centre Wendy Erman and right from Sabine Busch

They are all great. Thanks again Marion for a wonderful swap each year.

I also swapped privately with my friend Barb and this is hers for me. Isn't  she great....

I also received this week this fabulous  ATC from Kelsey as the loser in one of Paperarts WTA swaps. I love it Kelsey and am always thrilled to have a piece of her work in my ATC collection.
It was one from Kelsey's  Watercolour Stamping with crayons ( Lyra or Caran d'Ache ) but she says that Distress inks work too.  Fab as usual Kelsey.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

ATCs for Paperarts July Swap

The title for July is Magazine faces altered.
Here  are mine, I couldn't get any faces the same. Mostly they are ads from House and Garden.
I have sort of Zetti'd them, by gessoing the original of which I forgot to scan before I changed them, then blending Distress inks around the figure, some I drew the body and some are images I have from Teesha Moore etc.

I think I will keep the bottom one for myself with the saying "Love who you are". Hope the recipients like them.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Some artwork done in recent weeks

Hi all
I haven't done too much the last few weeks. We didn't get to have our play day a the beginning of the month it has been postponed until next week. I am so looking forward to catching up with Bevlea, Lucy and Caro. We are going to complete our fabric cuffs and Caro and I will be starting the journal that Bev and Lucy have already done

Anyway I have done a couple of Houses of History pages for Paperarts swap. I forgot to scan the one for Jane, but here is the one I did for Roslyn "Art Deco 1950s"

The pics are from an old Art Deco address book that I have here.

Above is the front page,to the right is the back.

I am glad that Roslyn likes them and also the colors, different for me LOL.

I have also done the July ATC for NZ Stampers.
Title was "Elizabeth"

I used a part of Lyn Perella's 8x8 page that I got from
We got sent different 6 articles,(enough for each person in the swap) and we have to use at least one each month. This time it was the little gold coin with a head on it that I have put on the hat..

Now I am preparing the ATC bases for Paperarts. We have to use magazine images and alter them. But the face has to be seen.
A the making...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Altered Cabinet Card

The bi-monthly swap for Paperarts was to Alter a Cabinet Card in Steampunk style. I am not too good at the Steampunk stuff, but here's my entry.
Don't know who it has to go too yet, but hope that person likes it.   She's waiting for one of the steampunk style Taxis to pick her up.........

I was a bit slow this past week as I have had sick kids, and then I got the dreaded lurgy too. I forgot what it's like to be sick and have kids over it. Ahhhhhh............................. Anyway, hope to be over it shortly and back on top of things, fingers xxxxx.......

   My entry for the Paperarts ATC swap is a  bit late too..

Here is the pic of it if your interested.  The title is Domestic Goddesses 1950's

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Marion's Mona and Friends ATC swap.

Marion Bockelmann from Germany hosts a swap of three ATC's every year and I was invited again to join inMarion chose the theme to include any  Renaissance women to alter. She said "Let´s face the word "Re-naissance" and give these ladies a new birth by altering them and their surroundings!"

So my altered ATC  Is named "Beauty School Drop-out"  
I cut out some Lynne Perella paper I had for the dress, wrapped some scrappers floss around the dress  and then the Mad Hatters hat made a  lovely addition to her ensemble.The background is one of Itkupilli's lovely creations altered with stamps and paint.

The original was "A portrait of a Nude Woman -Fornarina 1518 Renaissance Master by Raphael.
I love the pre Rapaelite paintings.

They are now on the way to Marion's in Germany to be swapped out among her international players.

Bracelet update.........................
On my birthday and my bingle day (accident) Bevlea, Lucy and Caro and I started to make the Fabric Cuffs.
I have done some more to one of mine by adding some lace, ribbon etc and the lovely brass butterfly Bevlea gave me to go with the Cameo that I think came out of my mother-in-laws jewellery box at some stage, not the antique I would like but still a treasure and I am pleased to be able to put it on something I will wear. 

We still have to make the metal ends for it and add the cream buttons that I have sewn onto a piece of crotcheted (sp) cotton that Bev and Lucy made for us. I am hanging out to have our next play day on 1st July so we can finish them......... Then I can add the others here too.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Birthday Bash/Bang

Well my day yesterday started off with a bang, literally. After dropping children at Kinder I headed into Caro's for our monthly play day with Bevlea, Lucy and Caro, but on the way there, ran into the back of a car. Sounds bad, but not my fault. Was coming to major set of lights that were still green and turned orange as I and car in front got to them, She, after going past the white line to go round the corner suddenly changed her mind and slammed on her brakes, I slammed on mine and slid into the back of her as it was pouring with rain. She and I could have got through, and she should never have stopped like that. Only damage to my car was a loose number plate, but hers is munted in the back, she was in a small Mazda 2.. She then tells me at the site that its the third time that has happened to her and when talking on the phone last night she said its the 5th time, so hullo, who is the common denominator in those accidents.
Anyway we were both able to drive away, me on my way to Caro's, her home to organise getting hers fixed, which I will have to pay for through insurance as I ran into the back of her, sad, but never mind that's the law.

Anyway, arrived ok at destination and Bevlea, Lucy and Caro had goodies for me for birthday. I was so spoilt.

Gifts together
Birthday cake from Caro.                                          Coasters &  pencil case from Lucy,    
                    Necklace from Bevlea

Necklace by Bevlea
Left is necklace by itself. Its really lovely and I thank all three of you for a fabulous day.

We also started making a lovely bracelet cuff with metal and fabric etc.
I took along my sewing machine and we all use it to sew bits of fabric, lace etc to start the cuff. Unfortunately we couldn't get the dremel through the fabric and the metal so will finish them next time we get together. They will have bits and bobs on them, but photo shows them started.
Lucy at machine reminiscing on dolly days

If you would like to see a better pic of the friendship canvas I received from the 3FLs go back a couple of posts and it will be there better now. See you there Lucy...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Art Times and Swaps

First off, this lovely canvas was made for me by the lovely Lucy. It was our Spooky Canvas theme for a Paperarts swap last November , but so far my partner has not sent me mine so Lucy made me this one. It is fabulous and has pride of place in my Studio.
It is absolutely more than fabulous. The bumpy bits around the sides is Micaceous Iron Oxide paint and I think some Garnet Gel (correct me Lucy if its wrong). You are a dear friend to do this for me..

Next up is a fabulous gift to me from the "other" 3FL, Barb, Lucy and Bevlea  
Bevlea and Lucy had gone up to Wagga Wagga for the weekend to visit and play at Barbs, I couldn't go (full time Grand-Babies curb this FL's travel etc)  They had all made one for themselves based on the style of Pam Carrikers workshop " An Angels Anthology" They each did a bit   of it, while waiting for parts of their own to dry etc. It was a little while until we got together again and they presented me with it. I got quite emotional. ""Thank you Girl Friends" I love it. 

I will be back later in the day to add some more work. And fix this pic, camera didnt do it justice late at night.....I promise :-)

4/6/11...................................... I changed the pic, hope this one is better.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Two Reasons why I don't post very much!

The slide show is just a peek at what happens round our household these days. Very busy times and the biggest reason I find it hard to post what I have been up to art wise. Those reasons Our darling Paul and Toria.   Will post some of what I have done shortly..

The first of these pics depict Geoff's and my weekend away while our Nephew and his wife looked after kids, we went down the coast, was too cold for swimming for us, but I dipped my toe in the Ocean, have not done that for so long.

The rest are when we went fishing, both of them caught a mountain trout, Excitement was at a high level. Then  Paul's 4th birthday, where he was so excited as his favourite Uncle Wayne ( our boss) gave him his bike. We were going to get him one, but Wayne and AK said they had that one for him, so we bought him a large remote control tractor instead. He had two parties, one on Saturday as Uncle Rhys and Aunty Ruth couldn't come on Sunday so they put on one for him at  their place with some mutual  kiwi friends, and Vegod and Ali who Geoff and I had met when we went to Florida, we then introduced them to Rhys and Ruth, 2 yrs ago..   Then at Easter we took them to the Zoo, It was a nice day, but I think even with the Kruger national park in South Africa in our memories that Auckland Zoo is a lot better.

See you soon with some art work.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A long time since previous post

Wowee, time flies when  you're busy. With work and the children I now don't find much time to post here. I still try and visit others blogs to see what you have been up to and see some fantastic work been done.

Family is well............... We had our daughter over for Christmas, was lovely as we had not seen her for 18months, spent a weekend down the Mornington Peninsular at McCrae which was lovely, went to Sorrento and showed the kids the ferry etc.
  Christmas came and went, a busy time, Tanya went home to NZ on the 11th Jan and we all miss her. We are all back at work and altho I have only worked three days a week and looked after children the other two not much has been done art wise. I have done some commitments for a couple of groups and the ATCs for Paperarts and NZ Stampers that I enjoy doing.
Here is a couple. I will load more next post or put in a slide show of some I have made over the last 6 months or so..
Monochromatic ( The White House)                 Angels
Also on Paperarts we are doing a Houses of History book throughout the year.
Here is my pages for Debbie W.  Her chosen title was Circus in Paris and wanted hers done in Zetti Style. Off course that is my favourite style. I love doing it.

 Left is the front.............
Right is the back.                                                                                                                 Debbie wanted to have people that included ourselves as well. I quite like the back............................................

Ciao for now. Will be back tomorrow hopefully.