Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Keeping my fingers busy & Christmas stuff

While I am convalescing with my knee, its a bit hard to do a lot of paperarts/mixed media as I can't sit in my studio easily and I can't carry much out to the lounge by my chair.
So............. I have decided to do a bit of 'finishING" some UFOs.
Over 10 years ago I was right into making reproduction etc bears (handmade). I have several that were cut out and in various stages of being completed, when life changed a bit and then I got into scrapbooking etc, which led to the Scrapbook Shoppe etc and here I am today into mixed media in a huge way.  BUT!!!
Here are two that I have decided to try and get finished.
 The tan guy is one I bought at a market in Johannesburg in South Africa. The other is a bear being made from Hembold String Mohair.  So come back and visit and see the completed bears soon.

Hope everyone had a fantastic day today and didn't overindulge too much with all the scrumptious food etc that Christmas day always brings. We had a very quiet day, although the kids were quite hyper most of the day. Victoria woke really early so we kept her out in the lounge so Paul could get a little bit longer shuteye.
They had a good day and were thrilled with all their gifts. Lunch was very modest as I am not eating much at all at the moment (fingers crossed it leads to some lost weight)
Among a lot of gifts, Toria got a Barbie Laptop and is in love with it. She has not stopped playing it all day long, its in her bed with her at the moment too :-)

Paul got a swing bat set and had a ball playing outside with Daddy  (Papa) learning to hit the ball. He also got a few Transformers which he absolutely loves and showed everyone on Skype when we talked with family in NZ. 
So again from our house to yours. Hope you had a fabulous day and I wish you all the best for 2013.
See you back soon to check out some finished Bears, might even be able to finish a few mixed media things that are not too big and requiring of paint etc.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Only 5 more sleeps

from our house to yours.
Lots of Love
Glenda, Geoff, Paul and Toria (and Aroha in NZ)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hospital makes you sleep

Toria taken when they came to visit me in Royal Melbourne Hospital. This was on the Wednesday after my op for my steampunk replaced knee.
Just too much for my little princess. She was missing her Mummy and had to have a cuddle and immediately fell asleep.
I am getting over it, pain is still very high, but it will be worth it in the long run as I can already feel the relief in my knee joint. The staples will be removed tomorrow so that will be interesting and maybe I will be able to bend it a bit easier to get the knee back properly.
The surgeon had referred me to two hospitals, The Maroondah has finally sent me an appointment for the first clinic appointment in June 2013. Thank your RMH for being so much on the ball with doing your operations.