Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hospital makes you sleep

Toria taken when they came to visit me in Royal Melbourne Hospital. This was on the Wednesday after my op for my steampunk replaced knee.
Just too much for my little princess. She was missing her Mummy and had to have a cuddle and immediately fell asleep.
I am getting over it, pain is still very high, but it will be worth it in the long run as I can already feel the relief in my knee joint. The staples will be removed tomorrow so that will be interesting and maybe I will be able to bend it a bit easier to get the knee back properly.
The surgeon had referred me to two hospitals, The Maroondah has finally sent me an appointment for the first clinic appointment in June 2013. Thank your RMH for being so much on the ball with doing your operations.

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Barb said...

Lucky you to have had a choice of hospitals GF. the princess looks so sweet nestled into you...and i bet you missed them too.

Get up and running ASAP...