Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another Play Day

Today dawned early....... groannnnnnnnnnnnnn  The kids woke early but hey, great because I was off to the other side of Melbourne to have a great play day with two great friends Bevlea and Lucy  Bevlea sent the email that we were doing a page from Stephanie Lees "Semi Precious Salvage" Panic I couldn't find my book, Oh dear had I left it somewhere, then the light went on aha, I had carefully put it with another Metalwork book and DVD I have, panic over, by this time its midnight or later, gotta get packed to take with me but what??? Book now found, find bits to take, all packed...............................Off to bed for some sleep.....
Breakfast done, emails checked, bed made etc etc... And off I went to Bevlea's, where Lucy had arrived too from her part of the city.
We had a great time and made a necklace. It really did turn into a shared piece of jewelry as I gave Bevlea one of my antique dolls arms, she shared some beads with Lucy and myself and the tiny heart charm on the dolls arm Lucy shared with us. The etched metal we had done on a previous play day. We had finished the necklace by lunch time so decided to make some earrings a new "thing" for all of us, they took a little longer to work out, but all of them turned out great. Bevlea and I don't usually wear dangly's but they do look good.
After a long drive home as it takes about 50 mins to get over there and usually longer coming home because its getting close to peak traffic, I made it "just" but had to crash for a Nana-nap........Late to bed  and early rising and don't make for a very good energetic day.................
Poor Bevlea had a mishap before we arrived too, she had fallen in the bathroom and hit her head quite badly and had rather a large egg on the back of her head. I hope by the morning she will be rested and the egg reduced in size considerably.
Thank you both for a fabulous day................................................. Here's to the next one!!! Hopefully our friend (Diva) from Wagga Wagga can join us next time. miss ya GF.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


  1. Sue M
  2. Marilyn Rock
  3. Barb T
  4. Loes
  5. Hermine
  6. Svetlana
  7. Jen C
  8. Margaret W
Timestamp: 2010-07-11 13:28:14 UTC

I used to choose the winner
So congratulations to Sue Maher.              I am sure I have your address Sue, so watch the post box. When I have sent the gift and it is received I will post on here what it was :-)

Ohhhhhhh this if fun, I must do it again..................