Monday, May 9, 2011

Art Times and Swaps

First off, this lovely canvas was made for me by the lovely Lucy. It was our Spooky Canvas theme for a Paperarts swap last November , but so far my partner has not sent me mine so Lucy made me this one. It is fabulous and has pride of place in my Studio.
It is absolutely more than fabulous. The bumpy bits around the sides is Micaceous Iron Oxide paint and I think some Garnet Gel (correct me Lucy if its wrong). You are a dear friend to do this for me..

Next up is a fabulous gift to me from the "other" 3FL, Barb, Lucy and Bevlea  
Bevlea and Lucy had gone up to Wagga Wagga for the weekend to visit and play at Barbs, I couldn't go (full time Grand-Babies curb this FL's travel etc)  They had all made one for themselves based on the style of Pam Carrikers workshop " An Angels Anthology" They each did a bit   of it, while waiting for parts of their own to dry etc. It was a little while until we got together again and they presented me with it. I got quite emotional. ""Thank you Girl Friends" I love it. 

I will be back later in the day to add some more work. And fix this pic, camera didnt do it justice late at night.....I promise :-)

4/6/11...................................... I changed the pic, hope this one is better.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Two Reasons why I don't post very much!

The slide show is just a peek at what happens round our household these days. Very busy times and the biggest reason I find it hard to post what I have been up to art wise. Those reasons Our darling Paul and Toria.   Will post some of what I have done shortly..

The first of these pics depict Geoff's and my weekend away while our Nephew and his wife looked after kids, we went down the coast, was too cold for swimming for us, but I dipped my toe in the Ocean, have not done that for so long.

The rest are when we went fishing, both of them caught a mountain trout, Excitement was at a high level. Then  Paul's 4th birthday, where he was so excited as his favourite Uncle Wayne ( our boss) gave him his bike. We were going to get him one, but Wayne and AK said they had that one for him, so we bought him a large remote control tractor instead. He had two parties, one on Saturday as Uncle Rhys and Aunty Ruth couldn't come on Sunday so they put on one for him at  their place with some mutual  kiwi friends, and Vegod and Ali who Geoff and I had met when we went to Florida, we then introduced them to Rhys and Ruth, 2 yrs ago..   Then at Easter we took them to the Zoo, It was a nice day, but I think even with the Kruger national park in South Africa in our memories that Auckland Zoo is a lot better.

See you soon with some art work.