Wednesday, June 30, 2010

60 years plus 1 month GIVEAWAY

and this is my 61st post, how about that. hmmmmm might just have to find something to giveaway.

So please leave me a comment about the lovely birthday gift I received from the Lovely Lucy , she gave it to me yesterday at Evas. If you want to know how she made it please visit her blog. The top has the words. "THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING" I love it...  Thanks too for Pic Lucy
I felt a bit neglected for my 60th because we live over here in Australia now, altho the family here in Melbourne put on a surprise dinner at home for me. We should have gone to NZ to a family wedding  but too many things needed to be bought and replaced etc etc at the same time... never mind, next decade, maybe  I will jump from a plane tandem or something next time. LOL.....

Anyway, as well as receiving this lovely gift from Lucy we got together at Evas and learnt to do enamelling from a friend of Evas.  Pic of Lucy and I absolutely LURVING EACH OTHER LOL..... heeheehe...
Here are my samples at left, probably won't do to much of this as it requires either a kiln or a big gas torch, larger than the one I have got.
It was good fun though. The two discs were done by first preparing the copper disc, then putting the enamel on it and firing it, then adding a paper template and adding a different color of enamel and firing again. The S one was putting a color on the prepared copper disc firing, then another color and drawing in it with a toothpick and then firing it. The third was a different technique called swirling, which we put three or more colors on the brass and then melted it over the torch and then when it was a honey consistency I drew in it with a metal pick, (with a glove on, off course)
The picture of the kiln, I stole LOL...............

Anyway, look forward to your comments and I will choose a winner style and send of a little something to the lovely winner.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Please Leave me a Comment

I have had to moderate my posts as there were some very unsavoury links on a few comments posted lately.
So please do leave me a comment. I love receiving them and will always try and get back to you to say thanks for visiting me.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another Alice Page

for Paperarts 2010 challenge book.
There has been a lot of talk on the group about how behind most of us are with our pages, that it inspired me to do a page to try and catch up. I think the fabulous Lucy is the only one who is up to date.

Anyway, here is THE WHITE RABBIT...
I am mostly doing Zetti style for my book, but this one is a bit dark as I used a fairly dark background, possibly will add a bit more color as I get more dissatisfied with it. LOL.....

Next I wll do Alice and then Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. As I sit here typing this my daughter in law is out in dining room actually watching a copy of Alice on my laptop that a friend gave me. If you didnt see the movie try and get to it as it was great. I went to a 3D viewing on the Gold Coast with Carol when we had finished our work conference we were up there for.

Friday, June 11, 2010


As previously posted Bevlea, Lucy and I are having fabulous play days, we are doing a journal of affirmations.
My card chosen from Bevlea's little box was Committment.

I did a face painting of which I am not very good at, at all.. LOL and I pasted it to the page. My committment is to practice to do better faces among other things... To learn and Grow in that area.
The page is dictionary paper that had committment on it and I then painted, glitzed and textured the page, then added the face I did on scrap paper :-)  and blended it in with rub-ons etc, then stamped a foam stamp with Lumiere. Did a bit of jornalling which is mostly the words from the affirmation card. I guess as we work at them I might add more to this page too........ I enjoyed it very much because it is just for me....

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Check this out..
Thanks to everybody who entered their name into my double book giveaway from the last meeting of The Book Guild. There were 94 entries and 2 winners. JeriAnn from Commuter's Journal won a copy of Digital Expressions. Glenda from Glenda's Artscapes won a copy of The Journal Junkies Workshop. Congratulations to you both! Please contact me via email with your mailing address. And keep visiting on Sundays for The Book Guild as there are many more giveaways to come! ""

Seth, thank you so much and to find it came so close to my birthday too.
I am so looking forward to it arriving, as you can see from a previous post "The Art Queens" namely Bevlea, Lucy and I have just embarked on a journalling journey, so this will come in handy. Again thanks so much and I will be back......
Now , I received two lovely cards from some lovely people too..
From Eva and Lucy.  Both cards open out as a stand up canvas. Fabulous and thank you so much to both of you. Bevlea sent me a lovely spiel about the 3/6 1950. Great too, I had no idea about all those things that happened etc on that day.