Saturday, June 5, 2010


Check this out..
Thanks to everybody who entered their name into my double book giveaway from the last meeting of The Book Guild. There were 94 entries and 2 winners. JeriAnn from Commuter's Journal won a copy of Digital Expressions. Glenda from Glenda's Artscapes won a copy of The Journal Junkies Workshop. Congratulations to you both! Please contact me via email with your mailing address. And keep visiting on Sundays for The Book Guild as there are many more giveaways to come! ""

Seth, thank you so much and to find it came so close to my birthday too.
I am so looking forward to it arriving, as you can see from a previous post "The Art Queens" namely Bevlea, Lucy and I have just embarked on a journalling journey, so this will come in handy. Again thanks so much and I will be back......
Now , I received two lovely cards from some lovely people too..
From Eva and Lucy.  Both cards open out as a stand up canvas. Fabulous and thank you so much to both of you. Bevlea sent me a lovely spiel about the 3/6 1950. Great too, I had no idea about all those things that happened etc on that day.


Svetlana said...

Happy birthday. Glenda and congratulations on winning the lovely book.

Glenda said...

Thanks Svetlana. I am so looking forward to the book arriving.

Lucy said...

Congrats on winning the book!!
Pleased you liked my card, but, it looks dismal next to Evas, which is perfectly measured, not like my off centre, askew effort.
Welcome to the 60's!
Hugs lucy

Glenda said...

Hey Lucy, yours is fabulous too. It's not askew probably the way I scanned it heehehe....I am looking forward to the book arriving seeing as we are doing a journalling book together.

Seth said...

So happy you won Glenda and I do hope you have been enjoying the book!

Glenda said...

Thanks Seth. I sure am enjoying the book. I will be going through it to use some of the techniques in our journaling book we are doing.