Sunday, May 5, 2013

Paperarts Same Image Canvas

We got sent an image from Lucy and had to use it on a 12x12 or slightly smaller flat canvas.
I only had  a 12x12 and no opportunity to go and buy anything smaller so this is my effort.
I don't know who it's going to yet.
Knowledge is not necessarily Wisdom.
I started off with two pieces of scrap-booking paper and put them on each half, originally going to do it landscape, then decided to do it portrait. The image we had to use is the girl from Hidden Vintage Studio, "Sitting pretty girl." From DeviantScrap Because she had a book in her hands it denoted wisdom to me so needed an owl (which I love)  as well. I have added molding paste through sequin waste and then colored with several metallic rubons. I hope whoever receives it likes it. Its always hard to do this sort of swap not knowing who its going to so not knowing their tastes at all :-)


Jo Murray said...

I love this sort of swap. It's always amazing to see everyone's interpretation. Your owl is a clever addition.

purple bird art said...

Looking good! I like where you're going with this piece!

Glenda said...

Thanks for comments Jan and Jo.

Glenda said...

On behalf of Elli Jenks who cant sign in.
Gorgeous. I especially loved your Francophilia pieces. (I'd comment on your blog but when I try to I am required to sign up for something so always put it off.)

Glenda said...

On behalf of my sister. Who doesn't blog.
really nice loved the text


Oh that is gorgeous are loving your texture paste aren't you? I really like the image of the owl...sooo cute!!!

Tracy Speight said...

it is great this piece.

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