Friday, July 1, 2011

Altered Cabinet Card

The bi-monthly swap for Paperarts was to Alter a Cabinet Card in Steampunk style. I am not too good at the Steampunk stuff, but here's my entry.
Don't know who it has to go too yet, but hope that person likes it.   She's waiting for one of the steampunk style Taxis to pick her up.........

I was a bit slow this past week as I have had sick kids, and then I got the dreaded lurgy too. I forgot what it's like to be sick and have kids over it. Ahhhhhh............................. Anyway, hope to be over it shortly and back on top of things, fingers xxxxx.......

   My entry for the Paperarts ATC swap is a  bit late too..

Here is the pic of it if your interested.  The title is Domestic Goddesses 1950's


Barb said...

Cool art girlfriend!

I pinched the pic of your goddess for our photo album.

Lucy said...

Well done Glenda, made art, had 2 sick children, then sick yourself!
No children here, no sickness & I haven't done a thing.LOLOL!
Hugs Lucy

Glenda said...

Okey dokey Barb. Thanks Lucy, I was sleeping all day, so played a bit late in the night when kids were in bed, but was not really easy with a woozy head etc. Time we got together for a play day with paper artsy type stuff to get you inspired again.