Sunday, September 20, 2009

Metal Etching

wow, I loved this new play. Last Monday I went over to Bevlea's and joined Barb, Lucy and Eliza along with Bevlea and we had a play with metal etching, what cool fun, apart from the very smelly Liver of Sulphur, phew, havent smelt anything that bad since I was in Rotorua last February. I was bought up among that same smell, but you sure forget it in a hurry. Don't think I will use that stuff again, might make me homesick for NZ lol. It wasn't good stuff for Lucy either.

It took awhile to get the solution off our hands and fingernails, poor Bevlea's was the worst as she's a doll and did most of the clean-up for us.
Heres my efforts.

I'm not sure what I will do with them yet, but we did a large piece as well and you will have to wait to see that one, its got a specific purpose.

Now I really need to get on and finish my zetti city scape. The other ladies from the 3FL+1 (you need to visit Bevlea's blog to see what that means) are well and truly ahead of me on that one, the cityscape I mean hehehehe.
I have done one side, but need to concentrate on the night side and then bind it and put up a slide show of it. This week hopefully. Gosh work does get in the way doesn't it.

Then I need to get onto our second project, that one needs family photos and is taking some time to clean up in Photoshop the old photos of Geoff's grandparents etc. I am making it a tribute to my Mother-in-law who I adored. She was the best. I hope I can be as good a mother-in-law as her.