Friday, November 21, 2008


Ive been reading the book Artful Blogger and at first I thought the book was a bit blah, but on reading again I realise its time for me to do some serious stuff on here.

I like Michelle Wards Green Pepper Press Street Team idea from her pages(pages 24 and 25 in the book) and so I will try and do her Challenges so as to keep this blog more up-to-date. Its not a design team, so no tryouts, its about having fun and sharing your work. The challenges are called Crusades and are posted monthly. So.......... an updated look is on its way. When its done I will link to some very talented people.

I'm also going to Creative Soul Retreat organised by Bevlea Ross, being held in March 2009. I am so looking forward to it. Meeting lots of new faces to names and also some faces that I havent seen for a while. When I learn how I will link these things for you to follow and have a look at some awesome eyecandy.


Unto us a child is born.

Hey, people, I forgot to let you know that Victoria Rangi was born in Wanganui in New Zealand on July 26th, she is absolutely gorgeous and her parents and grandparents are very proud. I went over and stayed for two weeks. It was a precious time and I found it hard to leave the family behind. It was just wonderful to see the parents and also my number one grandson, mind you it was Papa he was looking for, but he certainly is a Nan-nans boy.

Anyway. It was so good to see Paul as they had stayed with us in Shepparton from early March to mid May. See his picture with his Dad, hasnt he grown. I Will update more later.