Sunday, July 26, 2015

FotoChallenge Week 3

FotoChallenge is a weekly prompt started between myself and the wonderful photographer/artist Bevlea  to inspire and challenge ourselves to shoot regularly, and extend our skills.
Our FotoChallenge is to take an image, based on the weekly theme and upload it to our blogs by midnight Sunday of each week. We invite you to play along, take a pic using our weekly theme, add it to your blog and leave a link to your image in the comments section.

Week 3 is Leading Lines.
For me, the leading line is :The Way To Town"  The road going the other way leads off to town from the camp.We are 50 minutes from a local town centre. This way leads up to the lake.  This week has been wet and miserable so not good photography weather.

So come along and join us. I would love to see your challenge.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Week 2 of our FotoChallenge Black and White

Well here it is nearly Sunday night over and I am just starting to do something about my FotoChallenge for the Week.
This weeks is BLACK AND WHITE  I have been having a bit of trouble with my Photoshop so for now am going to just post the pic as it is.

Easy enough. Black and white, Yep, it snowed here during the week, so took some photos of the fun round here.
Across to camp from house

I am going to get to the lesson regarding last weeks pic of the lemons and yummy lemon butter during the week. I am going to remove the handles off the cupboard to make it a better looking picture.  Also Bevlea has given me some other tips as well to take some good photos.

So til during the week, have a good one.. Please join us in this challenge and link your efforts in our comments.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

FotoChallenge Thirds

Well, here I am again, and Bevlea and I have decided to do a weekly FotoChallenge. We have a list of different challenges that will also help, particularly me, with taking good photos (fingers crossed).

Week 1 is The Rule of Thirds. Using a household Item.Please play along with us and leave a link to your photo in the comments so we can take a look at yours as well.

This one I am not that happy with, due to not having somewhere good to take the photos.
Geoff made some lemon Honey today with some of our fruit from the overloaded lemon tree.
So household item is the fruit squeezer. Electric even. I still have and use the old glass squeezer that was my Mums. I got it when we were newly married, she gave it to me Sharon LOL.....

I am not sure which I like best. I couldn't get the handles out of the way on the cabinet behind :-).  Please leave me some comments so I may learn to be better at taking photos etc.  :-)

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Mid Years Resolution

Well, I have decided that I MUST blog more often. I am going to take a picture a day (fingers crossed) and try and post at least two or three of them once a week. You know the best laid plans etc. Hopefully one of my BGF Bevlea will give me a kick up the pants if I stray from it.

We are a little over the art stuff at this stage (for now for me, forever methinks for Bevlea and Lucy)  so it will be random stuff along with whatever art I do make. I want to get back into making replica teddies and some cloth dolls, not your run of the mill "country dolls" but more like Pam Grosse etc type dolls So lets see how it all goes. I will update on Facebook when I have done a post.

So here are the first photo's, taken on Thursday before we left for town and in town at lunchtime.
First is Aroha having her hair brushed, she sure still hates it LOL. No matter how I do it she performs. (Part of the autism)

Second is Paul, Toria and Aroha on the slide after lunch in the park.

Then third photo, the kids were given a voucher each for Christmas from a friend who we have met since being up here. We finally got to town with them to have enough time to browse and spend.
Aroha chose an electronic guitar and microphone etc. She just loves it and is a real little pop star.
Paul bought a large remote control monster truck and Toria chose a LeapPad, a bit like an Ipad which we are having trouble getting it started and the apps loaded on this satellite internet, We will get there with a little help from some friends :-)  Thank you Kel. you're a treasure. 

So there we are, first weeks post. Hope you enjoy..................See you next week.