Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another Alice Book Page

This months challenge that Bevlea set for Paperarts book Challenge was "The Gentleman Dressed in White Paper" quite a challenge actually until Barb sent me a link and a clip or two of men in hats etc. Anyway, here is my silly whimsical page. I used the credit card technique for the background with three colours, added some distress inks and also put a mask over it and put some green ink over that. And as the story goes........
 The man dressed in white paper, who Alice meets when she travels by train through the 3rd square, is a political joke; Tenniel's illustration shows a cartoon of Benjamin Disraeli, who was Prime Minister when Carroll lived. Carroll and Tenniel may have had in mind the ‘white papers’ (official documents) with which such statesmen are surrounded. Before he illustrated the Alice books, Tenniel had once portrayed Disraeli in a Government White Paper suit.
One of Tenniel's illustrations in Through the Looking-Glass depicts the character referred to as the "Man in White Paper" (whom Alice meets as a fellow passenger riding on the train with her), as a caricature of Disraeli, wearing a paper hat.
  'So young a child,' said the gentleman sitting opposite to her (he was dressed in white paper), 'ought to know which way she's going, even if she doesn't know her own name!' are the words that I have written along the top, and being whimsey, zetti it just had to have Thomas the tank engine as the train LOL.

Now, altho I am up to date with the current month, I actually have two more to catch up with, being Mad Hatter and Knave of Hearts, so keep looking back they will be here soon.

An aside to Arting,
 Zaccy is ok, he had the drain removed tonight and has his stitches out in ten days time, but he is still not himself, hides in our bedroom most of the day. And has lost a bit of weight which he could not really afford to lose. Thanks to those of you who have left good wishes and kisses for him.


Lucy said...

Great Zetti style page Glenda, WELL DONE!!
Poor Zaccy, am hoping he will improve in time, must have been a very traumatic event for the little fella.
Give him a hug from me.

Glenda said...

Thanks Lucy, a real challenge it was until Barb sent me a couple of images..
yes, it has been very traumatic for our poor wee boy. Hopefully he will get back to his normal self shortly, hug done...

Artist said...

I like your art, it is so amazing, a great talent. I am painting through synesthesia which makes me see colors when I hear names and numbers. These colors I transform in paintings. Colors are my life.

Glenda said...

Thank you Artist for visiting my blog. Your colors are great on your site.

peggy gatto said...

I enjoyed seeing ALL your alice pages!
what fun and so many details, I love them!!

Glenda said...

Thanks Peggy, they are fun. I am looking forward to putting them in a slide show here.