Friday, August 27, 2010

My Poor Boy

Oh my gosh, I got a phone call from Pauline today to say Zaccy was bleeding from his head and she couldn't stop it. I came home and although the blood flow had stopped a little, the wound looked bad, we had no idea what had happened.
Anyway, $400 later, he has several stitches and a drain in his shaved head and an Elizabethan collar round his neck. The vet said it was worse than we thought and we still don't know how it happened. the penetrate and exit is quite wide apart. Its almost like he has been shot in the head with a pellet or something, we don't have nails or anything dangerous around our section(block) because of the little ones, so who knows???
Anyway, here is my poor boy, laying on our bed tonight, a little worse for wear. I have a closer pic of his head but I don't want to gross everybody out too much :-)

Anyway............ I am off to Paperific tomorrow morning, meeting up with Bevlea, Lucy and Caro, so should be a good day, but looks like I won't have much to spend now eh!!! But I am sure I will find a few $$ somehow hehehe..........................


Lucy said...

Oh!!! Poor Zaccy!! I hope he is feeling better real soon, and I hope this was just an accident & not a deliberate act of violence on the little fella.
Give him a hug from me.

Glenda said...

Lucy, I have given him a big hug from you. He's certainly a bit better tonight comfort wise, not crying so much. I totally agree about the deliberate act, I too certainly hope its not so.
BTW, thanks for a fun day today at Paperific.

Bevlea said...

poor little bugger... I hope he's feeling better today and not in too much pain.

gentle kisses to him from me XXX

Glenda said...

Thanks Bevlea, he is a bit better, starting barking at the world again tonight so he must be getting back to himself.

Jen Crossley said...

Oh Glenda poor Baby I hope Zaccy is making a full recovery.
SO good to see you again as well
Take care

Glenda said...

Thanks Jen, yes it was good to see you again too, albeit you were flat out busy.............