Friday, May 10, 2013

New Piece

I made this piece today to send to a friend who is not feeling well.
Hope she likes it....
Background is an Itkupilli image, the lady is Hidden vintage Studios, owl is a found piece.
It will be postal in the next few days.
The previous canvas 12x12 is heading to Greece to Valerie, one of the ladies in our Paperarts group. I hope she likes the canvas when she receives it. I am getting hers so it will be interesting to see how each of us interpreted the same image.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


to our gum tree beside the deck.   These parrots came in on Sunday afternoon to our gum tree.
They make rather a mess, but it probably does the tree good to be pruned like they do.
Not sure what sort of parrot they are, maybe somebody could leave me a comment and tell me what they are. They are quite noisy too....

Aren't they beautiful , I love birds, I used to have an aviary when I was a kid with budgies, then when Geoff and I got married I had a large aviary with lots of different kinds of birds, including Kakarikis (NZ Parrot) and Lorikeets, cockatiels, love birds, canaries etc etc. They and the aviary got moved every time we moved house. 
He (Geoff)  is a  treasure :-)... I gave away my last few birds when we moved to Australia, but I get blessed loads with lots of beautiful birds just being here in our backyard.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Paperarts Same Image Canvas

We got sent an image from Lucy and had to use it on a 12x12 or slightly smaller flat canvas.
I only had  a 12x12 and no opportunity to go and buy anything smaller so this is my effort.
I don't know who it's going to yet.
Knowledge is not necessarily Wisdom.
I started off with two pieces of scrap-booking paper and put them on each half, originally going to do it landscape, then decided to do it portrait. The image we had to use is the girl from Hidden Vintage Studio, "Sitting pretty girl." From DeviantScrap Because she had a book in her hands it denoted wisdom to me so needed an owl (which I love)  as well. I have added molding paste through sequin waste and then colored with several metallic rubons. I hope whoever receives it likes it. Its always hard to do this sort of swap not knowing who its going to so not knowing their tastes at all :-)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Book has arrived in NZ and loved by the recipient Jacquie

Here are a few more pages now. Her title was Living the Dream. It was quite hard to interpret, but I hope she likes what I did.
Cover ala DJ workshop.
The journal has five signatures, of six pages put together in the book with a binding of old lace, and various ribbons and bits of fabric etc in it, hanging from the side.
My favorite page, still trying to get the clean up in Photoshop right ahhhhhh


One of signature pages

Another signature spread

Butterflies are a serviette, raised a bit for texture.
Anyway, it was very costly to post to NZ....... And I was worried it had got lost as Jacquie didn't let me know it had arrived, BUT!!!she was away on holiday and emailed me the minute (virtually) she got home... 
I hope she has had a chance to have a good look through it by now.

This page has texture molding paste on it. With a bit of mica over the picture of the girl.

I left some pages like the left hand one so Jacquie can  add some inspirational pages if she wants to.
See you back soon. I have another project , for Paperarts to photograph and put in here too. Hopefully will get it done tonight or tomorrow.