Sunday, June 30, 2013

Art Queens Tip In 2

It's time again for a Tip-in page. This one is for Kyla DeRuiter. Sort of a bit Zetti, but not too much. It has to have a quote on each one, this one says "A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words"
Strayed into different colors, background started out as Pink/Teal and Silver., then added some white stamping with a wooden stamp, then a mask with "frayed burlap" distress ink. Added some "peacock feather" distress ink through some sequin waste. Pic is from CrowaboutStudios . Also put a piece of Washi tape along near the bottom so the girl is not floating in the air.

I hope Kyla likes it.  I love doing this style. 
I am also doing some ATCs for a swap with Denise Phillips and Nancy Baumiller  from CrowaboutStudioB, using an image from Nancy,the ATCs are Tryptich playing card ATC's. They have to be in Denise's hands by mid July so I need to get onto them this weekend :-) I will show you when I have done them. I need to make two sets as one set gets swapped with another artist and the other is for Denise and she will send a set back done by her, yipee.................. So off to work I go......

Friday, June 21, 2013

My Home is my Castle ATCs

This year I am again participating in Marion's swap. Title is as above.
Here are my creations.
Now lives with Peggy Gato

Now lives with Birgit

Now lives with Clau
Thanks again for the invite Marion. I look forward to receiving back artwork from round the world. One from bockel24 would be nice too LOL.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tip In Swap for ArtQueens

Artqueens is holding  a Tip-in Swap, we are making one page a month and working through the list of who to post it to. At the end of the swap we will have art work from each person to put into a book or bind however we want to do this. My first page went to Kasha.  I had forgotten that the pages required a quote, but hope my words are ok as one.

This page is to me from Bevlea for June.
Lets see if I can do something on here each week from now on. Pigs fly too, or as the saying goes in NZ "Yeah Right Tui"  Maybe I better join in the WOYWW.  Through "Whats on Your Workkbench Wednesday that is run each week with the guidance of Julia Dunnit.   But then again I am not so sure I could commit to it. We shall see. 
I am about to make my ATC's for Marions yearly swap which need to get to her in Germany by mid July. This time the title is My Home is my castle. So got to rouse my muse and get on with them. See you soon.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Well, another year has passed, another year older. AHHHHHHHH!!

I got this lovely card from Nephew and wife Rhys and Ruth and little Christian. Its lovely, The black is actually silver.   So now not only am I an ArtQueen, I'm a Queen for any day I choose to look at this card.
Paul made me a lovely card at after school care

and Tori had Geoff's help to make a card too. We enjoyed a lovely desert with Rhys and Ruth, so are all very hyper on sugar LOL.
I have made a bit of artwork lately for swaps, but haven't scanned or taken photos yet. I will do that in next couple of days and load on here for you all to look at. To those of my friends in NZ, hope you had a fabulous Queens birthday weekend. Ours is next weekend.