Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Marion's Mona and Friends ATC swap.

Marion Bockelmann from Germany hosts a swap of three ATC's every year and I was invited again to join inMarion chose the theme to include any  Renaissance women to alter. She said "Let´s face the word "Re-naissance" and give these ladies a new birth by altering them and their surroundings!"

So my altered ATC  Is named "Beauty School Drop-out"  
I cut out some Lynne Perella paper I had for the dress, wrapped some scrappers floss around the dress  and then the Mad Hatters hat made a  lovely addition to her ensemble.The background is one of Itkupilli's lovely creations altered with stamps and paint.

The original was "A portrait of a Nude Woman -Fornarina 1518 Renaissance Master by Raphael.
I love the pre Rapaelite paintings.

They are now on the way to Marion's in Germany to be swapped out among her international players.

Bracelet update.........................
On my birthday and my bingle day (accident) Bevlea, Lucy and Caro and I started to make the Fabric Cuffs.
I have done some more to one of mine by adding some lace, ribbon etc and the lovely brass butterfly Bevlea gave me to go with the Cameo that I think came out of my mother-in-laws jewellery box at some stage, not the antique I would like but still a treasure and I am pleased to be able to put it on something I will wear. 

We still have to make the metal ends for it and add the cream buttons that I have sewn onto a piece of crotcheted (sp) cotton that Bev and Lucy made for us. I am hanging out to have our next play day on 1st July so we can finish them......... Then I can add the others here too.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Birthday Bash/Bang

Well my day yesterday started off with a bang, literally. After dropping children at Kinder I headed into Caro's for our monthly play day with Bevlea, Lucy and Caro, but on the way there, ran into the back of a car. Sounds bad, but not my fault. Was coming to major set of lights that were still green and turned orange as I and car in front got to them, She, after going past the white line to go round the corner suddenly changed her mind and slammed on her brakes, I slammed on mine and slid into the back of her as it was pouring with rain. She and I could have got through, and she should never have stopped like that. Only damage to my car was a loose number plate, but hers is munted in the back, she was in a small Mazda 2.. She then tells me at the site that its the third time that has happened to her and when talking on the phone last night she said its the 5th time, so hullo, who is the common denominator in those accidents.
Anyway we were both able to drive away, me on my way to Caro's, her home to organise getting hers fixed, which I will have to pay for through insurance as I ran into the back of her, sad, but never mind that's the law.

Anyway, arrived ok at destination and Bevlea, Lucy and Caro had goodies for me for birthday. I was so spoilt.

Gifts together
Birthday cake from Caro.                                          Coasters &  pencil case from Lucy,    
                    Necklace from Bevlea

Necklace by Bevlea
Left is necklace by itself. Its really lovely and I thank all three of you for a fabulous day.

We also started making a lovely bracelet cuff with metal and fabric etc.
I took along my sewing machine and we all use it to sew bits of fabric, lace etc to start the cuff. Unfortunately we couldn't get the dremel through the fabric and the metal so will finish them next time we get together. They will have bits and bobs on them, but photo shows them started.
Lucy at machine reminiscing on dolly days

If you would like to see a better pic of the friendship canvas I received from the 3FLs go back a couple of posts and it will be there better now. See you there Lucy...