Sunday, March 28, 2010


Paperarts Yahoo group is doing a year long book monthly, but for ourselves. We are doing Alice in Wonderland and I have chosen to do mine in Zetti Style, I still really like it. (Zetti) The actual size is 7x7. I eventually will put the pages in as a slide show but for now I will load pages done. January was The Red King.
I first credit card techniqued the background with Golden paints, then added a bit of Distress ink, the Red King image I found somewhere and changed him by adding a head from image sheets from Teesha Moore and then a crown I have among my images. The same with the pic of Alice, I have given her legs from one of Teeshas sheets. I am thinking I will use that image throughout the book.

Next for February was The Red Queen, same again, I did the credit card technique with Goldens and Jo Sonja paints and Distress Inks, found all the images and changed them with my Zetti stamps and Teesha's image sheets.
This months is The White Rabbit, hes still running round my head at this stage, but will try and get him done before the end of the month so I am not too ""Late"" for the monthly date.

While I was up on the Gold Coast, Carol and I went to see the 3D Alice In Wonderland, it was fabulous and now I have loads of ideas etc for the rest of this book.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Twinchies and things

Well CSR is only 3 sleeps away and I can't go as I am only 2 sleeps away from going to the Gold Coast QLD for work. But I stayed in the Leonardo Twinchie swap as it was for all members who are on the Creative Soul Yahoo group.
Here is my effort.....  We had to do them in Da Vinci colors and use his work. I like this pic and actually enjoyed making them even though we had to do about 25 of them. Black Testure Paste Kelsey  (who is the Queen of Black texure paste and I think I come a close second to her LOL..)     I love that stuff. I have been using it since my shop days in Wanganui. Now to be able to get them to the lovely Lucy before Wednesday. I might have to drop by Elizas house or Evas and hope they remember to give them to her for me.  Ohhhhhh Evas, shes got one of the lovely tutors staying with her, might just have to get a peek visit seeings as I can't go  hehehehe..............

I also in this week made some ATC's for a NZ group swap, the African one and also did one for WTA (winner takes all) on ATCMixed media group.  Gosh I wish I could work out how to put these pics in the right place. I start out with them correct then they move to a place of their own doing. Well to make them look ok I moved the Arican one  to the left as well and I will rabbit on here to fill the gap.

For Paperarts group we are doing Alice In Wonderland, the First month being The Red King, then The Red Queen then this months is the White Rabbitt. I have decided to do mine in Zetti style as I still love that style of doing art.

I have only done the Red King so far, have my Red queen started and the White Rabbitt is running round my head still. So I will attempt to load that one here too.

Wow it went it where it was meant to go. The words on the page say "The Red King normally was snoring, but he realized he was putting on too much weight. He put on so much weight his rolls dropped from chest to feet."
Anyway, I better sign of and stop rambling here.

Visitors from New Zealand

Kristi and family arrived from NZ on the 1st March. They spent the first week with us here in Melbourne and then went to Ballarat to see Kristis brother. While there she met up with the lovely Jen Crossley
who we had done a make and take with at Paperific on the Friday, how cool was that. She arrived in time to get to a paperific show.
They arrived back here in Melbourne yesterday afternoon and today amidst shopping a bit more for yummy ScrapFX houses etc and last night a quick trip to Heaven Scent to pick up a BigShot, lucky her :-) we headed up to Sassafras, stopped in at the Sky viewing and sat in the big chair.

Whoops thats the GIANTS CHAIR
We have had a great time together and the time is too short. They leave early tomorrow morning. Safe travelling Kristi Ross and Zac, see you ASAP.

ATC from Christy Laudig

Well I promised you a pic from Christy Laudigs ATC that I won from her blog, link previous post, so here it is. Isnt it lovely. Brrrrrrrrr from a very warm Melbourne.

So again Thank you to Christy for sharing her artwork. She says the image is of her father and his brother circa 1940's, plus Artchix images.