Sunday, March 14, 2010

Twinchies and things

Well CSR is only 3 sleeps away and I can't go as I am only 2 sleeps away from going to the Gold Coast QLD for work. But I stayed in the Leonardo Twinchie swap as it was for all members who are on the Creative Soul Yahoo group.
Here is my effort.....  We had to do them in Da Vinci colors and use his work. I like this pic and actually enjoyed making them even though we had to do about 25 of them. Black Testure Paste Kelsey  (who is the Queen of Black texure paste and I think I come a close second to her LOL..)     I love that stuff. I have been using it since my shop days in Wanganui. Now to be able to get them to the lovely Lucy before Wednesday. I might have to drop by Elizas house or Evas and hope they remember to give them to her for me.  Ohhhhhh Evas, shes got one of the lovely tutors staying with her, might just have to get a peek visit seeings as I can't go  hehehehe..............

I also in this week made some ATC's for a NZ group swap, the African one and also did one for WTA (winner takes all) on ATCMixed media group.  Gosh I wish I could work out how to put these pics in the right place. I start out with them correct then they move to a place of their own doing. Well to make them look ok I moved the Arican one  to the left as well and I will rabbit on here to fill the gap.

For Paperarts group we are doing Alice In Wonderland, the First month being The Red King, then The Red Queen then this months is the White Rabbitt. I have decided to do mine in Zetti style as I still love that style of doing art.

I have only done the Red King so far, have my Red queen started and the White Rabbitt is running round my head still. So I will attempt to load that one here too.

Wow it went it where it was meant to go. The words on the page say "The Red King normally was snoring, but he realized he was putting on too much weight. He put on so much weight his rolls dropped from chest to feet."
Anyway, I better sign of and stop rambling here.


Queen Of Toys said...

Well you have been creative Glenda, it's great to see. Lovely work especially the Zetti Alice page.

Glenda said...

Thanks Eliza for visiting, looks like you the only one who loves me LOL
I am enjoying this as Zetti is my favourite at this stage.

Svetlana said...

Hi Glenda, I hope you have survived work and the Gold Coast (I spent so much money in their shops). The retreat was great and I can't wait for the next one. Hopefully you will make it next year. Thank you for your contribution in twinchie swap and I hope you’re happy with other people’s work. BTW I think I have overtaken Kelsey in using the texture and crackle paste so you can be only in third place (still good). Check on my blog what I bought in Melbourne shops (of course I can’t show all the things I bought but my CC is heavily loaded believe me). Hope you’re well. Hugs, Svetlana

Glenda said...

Hi Svetlana
Missed this post, sorry, see your blog tho LOL
Thanks for dropping by, and again I hope to meet you in flesh sometime. I am sorry I missed retreat. Ohhhhhhh all your shoppping looks fantastic, I can see the bulge in the CC from here.

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