Sunday, March 20, 2016

My Georgie Boy

has been missing now for about 8 weeks. I am so, so, so  devastated, I miss him so much. We are not sure if he has been kept in by a neighbour where he was last seen several times the first week he was missing or hes been done by a snake. We have searched all over the place,wading through thigh high grass etc being aware of snakes as we went, calling and calling including going to the house about 5 times and asking, but never allowed to go inside etc I think if he had been bitten by a snake he would have come home sick and we could have taken him to the vet for the snake anecdote.  Most stories I hear about cats is that they are too quick for the snake, jumping up or away, a lady here told me her cat plays with them all the time, so I am more than upset that he may be being kept by the lady who said she would bring him home if she saw him,

He was booked into the the vet for a "weight loss" the day after he went missing so had to cancel that..... He was starting to wander far too much so decided to get him fixed up after all.  But then he may be out there with a girlfriend somewhere and may come home some day. But in the meantime, I miss his cuddles and smooches and the kids miss him badly too. 
Anyway............ onto the next post..........

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Update on the previous post
Seperation Creek, near Wye River  on Christmas Day (Picture: Peter Mayberry).
The fires in the hills above Wye River. 
It is so sad to let everyone know that the area we fell in love with around Kennets River and the Wye River on the Great Ocean Road has been destroyed by fires last week. There was at least 116 homes destroyed in the blazes. Total disaster. I feel for those folk. Living bush ourselves we are on constant high alert here at this time of the year for fires. Tonight there was a huge storm with lightning etc that could have easily started a fire anywhere.
Pic above: Copied from Age website...........This is the area along the coast The fires in the hills above Wye Rive on December 28. Authorities are still inspecting........  Such a shame, but it will regrow in the bush, and hopefully the homes lost will get their insurance payouts urgently, not like Black Saturday of whom some are still waiting and that was back in 2008.