Monday, August 26, 2013

Mail arrived today

from the lovely Marion from Germany
Lookee what I got.....
I sent Marion some arty feathers in the swap envie and she had never seen the colored ones so I got some and posted to her to use :-)   I do so  love both of these pieces of art..... Thank you so much Marion. My first originals from you. Yay!!!!!!   and the postcard says it all for me as:

I am home alone with the children at the moment as my beloved is in Israel with his work as a bus captain looking after about 50 lovely USA people on the tour. I can't wait for him to come home, mind you I hope he takes heaps of photos of buildings etc for me to use in artwork. We have never been away on trips overseas without each other and this is so hard...............

Friday, August 16, 2013

4 Weeks has past

wow, and I haven't posted in that time. Bad me, but I was visiting lots of fabulous blogs for the Where Bloggers Create 2013, see previous post.
I received from a new Facebook friend in USA a gorgeous canvas of Zaccy that she painted for me from a pic of my boy. This is the Facebook pic, might need to take a pic or scan myself and put it in. He has had a haircut since this tho. I was so blown away that Sherry (visit her via the link), wanted to do this for me just because I said something nice about someone :-)

Then we arranged to swap a fairy shrine from Retro Cafe Gallery  so I bought a few shrines and made hers.

This is the one from her.
And mine to her..


She has gone on her way via Aus post and hopefully has winged her way across the seas by now. :-)

Also have done another page for Art Queens of Australia swap. This one is for Vivienne. I don't think I am totally happy with it yet, so it may change a bit over the weekend.

I have a few more swaps to finish over the weekend, so will hopefully post again soon. 
Thanks for visiting and please leave me a comment. :-)