Saturday, July 11, 2015

FotoChallenge Thirds

Well, here I am again, and Bevlea and I have decided to do a weekly FotoChallenge. We have a list of different challenges that will also help, particularly me, with taking good photos (fingers crossed).

Week 1 is The Rule of Thirds. Using a household Item.Please play along with us and leave a link to your photo in the comments so we can take a look at yours as well.

This one I am not that happy with, due to not having somewhere good to take the photos.
Geoff made some lemon Honey today with some of our fruit from the overloaded lemon tree.
So household item is the fruit squeezer. Electric even. I still have and use the old glass squeezer that was my Mums. I got it when we were newly married, she gave it to me Sharon LOL.....

I am not sure which I like best. I couldn't get the handles out of the way on the cabinet behind :-).  Please leave me some comments so I may learn to be better at taking photos etc.  :-)


Bevlea Ross said...

I love the top one.. love the warm colours of the wood against the yellow.. excellent job on the theme

Glenda said...

Thanks GF