Thursday, January 24, 2008

January 23rd

Well, we've had Christmas and New Year, quiet for us and a first to not have any family about.

But excitement, we are off to NZ on Saturday to visit the family and to attend a long awaited wedding. Congratulations Lulu (Rochelle) number 1 niece....We are so looking forward to that day......

This week a friend from NZ had my grandson visit, so she took
some up to date pictures of him. here is Paul at 9months, Isn't he in one word ""gorgeous""I cant wait to cuddle and spoil him. His Dad says hes even more gorgeous and cuddly in the flesh.
I have been busy in the craft room too and finally finished the canvas that I have been wanting to do for ages, Now it adorns the title space on this blog. I really must get into Photoshop and edit out the ironing board behind the pic, but thought you would like to see it anyway.
The pic was taken a couple of days before we left Maziotela in Northern Mozambique to return to NZ in 2001 and it is pics of the grandmother Amelia and the baby Nelia that I looked after while out there. She was crying because Geoff was taking the photo and she didn't like white men as they hurt her. She had to go to the clinic for treatment for her bad burns and Terry the Australian male nurse used to treat her. She had got used to me by this stage. We returned her and Amelia to the bush village the next day.
Anyway. I am going to enjoy my visit to NZ, catching up with a couple of friends and hopefully get a bit of craft work done too.......
See ya in February.

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Arty Lady's blog said...

What a gorgeous smile and cute boy!

Have a great trip home.