Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Well here we are only 4 days after my previous post.
Not a lot happened at all. Have done a few more things artwise.
Sent a pennant series to a guy in New Zealand and it got lost in the post.
Heres the pics, sorry Denis. Will make you some more.

I enjoyed making them. I will do some more and hope that the firts lot turns up too, then he can arrange them across is new craft room wall.

I am going to visit Bevlea on Monday and we are going to do a page in a book that a few of us have. I am looking forward to it. We will be using Sculpy etc. Never done any baking clay seriously before, so a learning curve for me.
Ciow for now........... I will return :-)


Barb said...

Nice masculine work my friend...and your friend WILL be lucky if the first lot do turn up...vbg

Glenda said...

Thanks Barb, Yep, so far they have not showed up. oh well play time again over the holiday break.