Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year

Well, the New Year is in and dusted. My girlfriend came over from NZ and we had a great time, well I did anyway. We went to New Brighton beach, My friend dont like her picture took LOL............
Chadstone shopping centre, well spent about 2hours there, not enough even to do one corner, but I can now say I have been there, we went to Belgrave and came home via the Dandenongs and Sassafras (sp) spent a good time wondering the shops there. Ohh theres one I would love to replicate back in NZ eh!!Sandy.... Sandy spent her holiday pocket money on some nice things for her kitchen, hope you had no trouble at baggage Sands.
We also went on the Puffing Billy, would have been more enjoyable if the weather hadnt been so darn cold. We took Sands bush too. Now that was fun, apart from the leeches that decide they liked my legs oh yukkk..... we dont know how well off we are in NZ with no nasties like that.
anyway........... She went home on the 3rd. Will miss her. See ya in May Sands.

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