Thursday, August 27, 2009

Marions Zetti Swap has flown in

Todays mail bought a yummy envelope from Germany. In it was my swaps from Marions annual blog swap.
It was great fun and truly pushed me into using bright colors.
Thank you to all participants and to those whose
ATC's I am now the proud owner of.

Arent they yummy From L to R top is from Marion, Chris Bockel, Ilka, and bottom L to R is Johanna, Angelika and Birgit.
Again thank you ladies. I will look forward to the next swap.


Queen Of Toys said...

Oh Glenda lucky you getting those fantastic ATC's hope mine arrive soon, I just can't wait.

Hugs E

Glenda said...

I hope yours arrive soon too. Funny they didn't get there on same day??

Barb said... lucky duck!..not only are they great returns but you have yours ...and I don't!!!!!! Boo-hoo....I hope they come on monday!

Glenda said...

I too hope you get yours soon.
They are great.