Monday, August 3, 2009

Zetti Tryptich

I just completed this Tryptich for a group I am in. It was this months swap. I quite enjoyed it, so different from my normal style, as you will notice it's crept in to my art a bit lately. Must be the craze huh!!!

The first side is the Zetti by day

and the second side Zetti by night.

I sure hope the recipient likes it as it will be quite hard to give away.

I am looking forward to the ATC's from Marion's swap coming back too, that is a Zetti ATC swap that she has on her blog.
Anyway Ciao for now.


Lucy said...

Your Zettis look wonderful!!

Barb said...

Glenda..this Zetti work is fantastic!

Queen Of Toys said...


You really are on a roll with your Zetti now and these pages are fantastic really fantastic. I have them here and belive me you shouldn''t let them go.

Glenda said...

Thank so much for comments Lucy, Barb and Eliza.
Maybe I will take your advice HRH and make some different ones for that swap, Watcha think or is it too late :-)

bockel24 said...

love the lady on the stairs!!! yes, Zettis are addictive and never get boring!

Marjolein said...

Oh gosh, these are awesome, I may sound stupid, but eventhough I have no clue what Zetti's are... I really like them!!

Elizabeth Golden said...

This is very cool, I am so loving everyone's Zetti stuff.