Thursday, May 29, 2014

Well here I am again,

promises, promises. I better stop it :-)  I was reading my friend Barbs blog and it has prompted me to hurry up and get something new in here.I promise I will be back and life and family etc gets in the way. Along with moving house and town and job. I also needed to post for Marions (from Germany) International swap so she can direct the participants to see what they are in for :-).
So first up here are my three Bird people.
Mother Goose had been at it again.

Reminded me of Dr Suess books

A sweet little girl, waiting to fly off to where-ever.
I love Marion's swaps. Along with a few other swaps too. That I will post in a few minutes.


bockel24 said...

love your ATCs, Glenda, and they´re even better in person!

ULKAU said...

Great work, Glenda, I can't say which I like best!
Regards Ulrike

Ingeborg said...

Great ATCs, especially "Mother Goose"!

Sabine said...

love them! especially the 3rd one.

Martina2801 said...

Your ATC's are really great, dear Glenda! I love every single one! Keep my fingers crossed that I get one of them :-)

Ingeborg said...

Hello Glenda, just want to let you know that one of my favourite ATCs in this swap "Mother Goose" arrived here in Germany. I will give her a new home in my ATC-collection. I love your very special idea - thank you so much!