Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December and where did the time go.

Goodness me, so much for my promise to post every week LOL......
We, Geoff and I just celebrated our 43rd Wedding Anniversary for those who haven't seen it on face-book. Here is one of our wedding photos:
Dec 5th 1970.

And now its nearly 2014..........
Wow, I started this about 10th Dec, that month went fast too. So busy all the time, especially now too as we are moving to a new town, new house, new job. We are going to become the camp managers of the Cheshunt King River Camp,  Also we have finally got our little girl Aroha to come and live with us. She is now 2yrs old and apparently a real cute little princess. Long story that I will share one day. I and Victoria go to NZ on 11th Jan to pick her up and bring her back here. I have been packing up art room so not a lot of art has been done.

I am off to Wagga Wagga on Monday with the lovely Bevlea and Lucy to visit our  BFF Barb, unfortunately we had to spoil the surprise  that it was meant to be, she thought we were all going to Lakes Entrance for a break and it was too far for her to come :-) But she is going to have an operation on her knee one of the days we were to be there, so we decided to still go anyway and go through to Gundagai for a day visit while she is under the knife. We are all so looking forward to it as we haven't seen her for such a long time. Good thing is our new job has loads of room for visitors, a lovely big hall and great tables etc to use and is halfway from Melbourne and Wagga. retreats....  We are all going to use our Gelli plates as Lucy and I haven't braved it yet LOL,  Bevlea has,  so Mrs Clever BFF will show us how its done. I'm hoping the wee gift I have for a certain lady arrives before we go. The place sent me a crotchet book instead of what I ordered, but have honored the mistake and sending out the correct article.

On the home front.
A star in the making.............
Toria had a ballet concert at the end of November, she is so cute, they all were, but she stole the show on one of the dances by going back on stage and taking a very deep bow, musta watched too much Dance Moms  with me LOL...
Here is a head shot of her. She is so gorgeous and I love this photo.
She is growing up so fast, she goes to school in the new year. Here in Australia they all start on the same day at the beginning of the school year, whereas in NZ they start on the day they turn 5.

        This is Paul at his school (Rolling Hills Primary) Carols concert, they the Preppies sang Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and they were the best out of all the items performed by the children, they were so enthusiastic and loud LOL... He is looking forward to the new school, it only has about 50 pupils, 2 teachers etc. Country Victoria.
He got a new bike for Christmas and is so proud of it. It has 7 gears, so he can keep up a bit better with Daddy.  Need to Photoshop that pic from Christmas morning LOL.... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh too early in the day for this Night owl.

Anyway, I am not going to promise to come back within a week LOL, but see you hear soon. I wish you all a very Happy New Year and that 2014 is prosperous both physically and spiritually for you all.
Lots a love Glenda xxxxxx




Bevlea Ross said...

looking forward to our girlie time in wagga.. we'll give those gelli plates a workout :)

Gaby Bee said...

Beautiful wedding photo, Glenda!

Happy 2014 - I'm looking forward to a creative new year and hope you have one as well!