Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back to OZ and more

Well time flies when you are having fun, or are so busy because 2 children and the mum came back here with us to live with us. So we are a pretty busy household with a 22mth old and a 3yr old here to care for and teach Mum to be a Mum and house keeper etc.

I am glad to be back........................ Even though its winter I love this SUNBURN'T country. I found NZ green trees to be very bland and couldnt wait to get back to the differnt colors of the gum trees etc. Yeah I know Sad eh!!! But true.

Marions Beatle Swap has landed at my house and I want to thank from Left to Right
Marion Rock, Charlotte Fern and Katrin Pieschel
for the fabulous ATC's received. Thank you again to Marion for inviting me to join in again this year.

Freindly Plastic
On Saturday I had Jessie from New Zealand call in and have a play here and she introduced me to the delights of Freindly Plastic, whcih I must order from Petra in Christchurch NZ as I have no idea where to get it in Aussie.

More tomorrow night I hope see you there............


Lucy said...

Hey Glenda,
Love the plastic things, you will have to tell me all about this stuff next time we meet.
Hugs Lucy

Barb said...

great moulds Glenda... what you gunna do with them?

Glenda said...

Hey Lucy, definite. I am going to order some from NZ, so we can ahve a play.
Barb, not sure what yet, but the book we are working on probably will have a couple in it.