Sunday, October 25, 2009


Glenda +1 Lucy, Bevlea and Eliza 3FL
We took this pic at Elizas on Friday and Bevlea has edited it beautifully.......
We had a great day, Eliza provided wonderful food and great coffee for those who drink the smelly stuff and an awesome box of various teas to choose from. I have yet to finish my pages which are now bound with fabric etc and I will take photos of them and put up a show for you to see very soon.


bockel24 said...

thanks for the nice photo that enables me to encounter some long-known people and art friends!

Queen Of Toys said...

Was a really great day creating, eating and drinking coffee.

I am ducking down in that photo and I am not really sure why. I do know that we had to squeeze in to fit the 3FL + Glenda LOL

Glenda said...

Thanks Marion for coming by again.Pity Barb T wasn't in that one, we didnt take any pics when she was here in Melbourne, next time.
Go on Eliza don't tell porky's you are a short bum LOL..... But we did squeeze close huh, and it was a fabulous day.