Friday, June 26, 2009

A couple of swaps.

I have made these items for a swap on paperarts
The "Ravens" was about Edgar Allen Poe, the background painted black and then put Jo Sonjas crackle then painted cream and it didnt work boohoo..........

So next was cover the lot with credit card technique and black and silver paint and spritz with a little water and then wipe some off...... Ok, then onto adding images etc........ I hope the recipients will like it........

Also for the same group was a microscope slide pendant. I had done some soldering at Evas a few months ago and we did microscope slides. So I did similar this time and made two. Now which one will I send eh Barb

anyway I enjoyed making them and had also shown HRH very quickly how do do it too.

I am also starting a swap for an NZ group ATC Taranaki, we are doing half masks.
I will take photos as I go, bit hard to scan masks. This first one is Shades of the Peacock or Cirque Reinvente. So stay tuned for further developments


Margaret Weiss said...

Hi Glenda,

I love your raven swap! It looks fantastic.... even though you said the first technique didnt work. Love your new blog facelift. xx Margaret Weiss.

drmarty62 said...

Hi Glenda, your technique for soldering the rings looks interesting. Might have to play. It looks a little easier than trying to solder a circle to a straight edge.
Both look freat.

Barb said...

Oooo.... look at your Poe ATC...!!..COOL!!...this is gunna be a good swap!

Queen Of Toys said...


So proud of you keeping up with the blogging, love the microscope slides and of course the Raven Swap.

Glenda said...

Hey, all, thanks for dropping by.
Margaret.. thanks for comments, I'm glad the first bit didn't work as it looks better this way.
Marty.. very easy, the holder is made with wire, its in one of the Collage Unleashed books. I will email you.
Barb.. Yep I'm looking forward to returns in this one.
Eliza....Well I have to don't I LOL, my challenge at the beginning of the year went by the board, so keep at me girl.

日月神教-向左使 said...