Friday, July 24, 2009


A New Zealand group I belong to has had a half mask swap going. Every two weeks we do a half mask to a specific theme.
The first two were Shades of Peacock or Cirque de Reinvente and Golden Girl or Tacky.
Here is mine, that I chose to do, that are on their way to new owners. They do look so much better in the flesh. So Doreen and Kelly if you want to be surprised don't peek.
They were fun to do and a change from ATC's etc.....

The next theme is Asian or Spring, havent decided yet which way I will go.

I am about to make my ATC's for Paperarts group entitled "Numbers". All going well I might be able to add the pic tonight as well. So look back later.


Queen Of Toys said...

Very Nice Glenda but the photo does not do justice, they are by far better IRL.

Glenda said...

They sure are. I hope the recipeints like them Eliza.