Sunday, March 28, 2010


Paperarts Yahoo group is doing a year long book monthly, but for ourselves. We are doing Alice in Wonderland and I have chosen to do mine in Zetti Style, I still really like it. (Zetti) The actual size is 7x7. I eventually will put the pages in as a slide show but for now I will load pages done. January was The Red King.
I first credit card techniqued the background with Golden paints, then added a bit of Distress ink, the Red King image I found somewhere and changed him by adding a head from image sheets from Teesha Moore and then a crown I have among my images. The same with the pic of Alice, I have given her legs from one of Teeshas sheets. I am thinking I will use that image throughout the book.

Next for February was The Red Queen, same again, I did the credit card technique with Goldens and Jo Sonja paints and Distress Inks, found all the images and changed them with my Zetti stamps and Teesha's image sheets.
This months is The White Rabbit, hes still running round my head at this stage, but will try and get him done before the end of the month so I am not too ""Late"" for the monthly date.

While I was up on the Gold Coast, Carol and I went to see the 3D Alice In Wonderland, it was fabulous and now I have loads of ideas etc for the rest of this book.


Queen Of Toys said...

great work Glenda

Glenda said...

Thanks Eliza. I do so like Zetti, I am not over it yet LOL

Gaby Bee said...

These are fabulous, just love all the textures and details, great compositions too.

Glenda said...

Thanks Gaby Bee.

Margaret Weiss said...

Love your Zetti Alice book pages. Well done. I am yet to attempt "Zetti". Been gathering some stamps. xxmargaret.

Glenda said...

Thanks Margaret. I know you will love it when you finally give it a go