Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Really where does the time go. Since my last post and my trip to the Gold Coast for a work conference which was great, things on the NZ home front have developed to " I don't know what is happening really" our NZ family look like they want to keep our grandchildren who have been taken from the parents. This has caused me and Geoff undue stress and upset  as we never thought that our family would do this. They were to look after them until passports were arranged and I could go over after the Gold Coast trip and bring them back here. So now we have to go to New Zealand for a Family Group Conference and have to see what the family who have never been involved in any of the previous FGC's decide.
Really the children should be with us as the Grandparents. It is our sons wish that we take them for the time it needs for the parents to get themselves together or what ever they decide to do with thier lives.
So life has been a bit up and down for me, but the Children are worth it all, it will be a huge  life-style change  for us.
This photo of Paul and Toria was taken on Paul's 3rd birthday last weekend.  I am sure they will enjoy places like Werribee zoo, Melbourne zoo, Luna park etc that we can take them too over here.

We are going to NZ on the 1st May as FGC is 4th May, but we have to travel up to Kaikohe.

ARTwise not a lot. see next post.