Thursday, July 21, 2011

ATCs for Paperarts July Swap

The title for July is Magazine faces altered.
Here  are mine, I couldn't get any faces the same. Mostly they are ads from House and Garden.
I have sort of Zetti'd them, by gessoing the original of which I forgot to scan before I changed them, then blending Distress inks around the figure, some I drew the body and some are images I have from Teesha Moore etc.

I think I will keep the bottom one for myself with the saying "Love who you are". Hope the recipients like them.


Hardwick Creations said...

I love them Glenda! So cool. Can't wait to get one of yours.

Sarah-Jane said...

Hey Glenda, just thought I'd let you know that I have mentioned you in my latest blog post. And I am looking forward to receiving my copy of Art Journaling.

Also just thought I let you know that your ATC's are great I am inspired to create some myself, besides I have hundreds of pre-cut backs to work with.

Lucy said...

These look FUN!
Hugs Lucy

Glenda said...

Thanks Ladies, yep they were fun Lucy.
Thanks Sarah for putting $$ in account for book.
Alessandra it was a great theme for the ATCs. struggles with the first one then got on a roll.

Barb said...

REALLY COOL my friend!! clever little vegemite you!

Glenda said...

Thanks Barb. They were fun and I have kept some magazine images to make some more some time soon.

Bevlea said...

they look great glenda!!

Glenda said...

Thanks Bevlea, they were fun.