Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Marion Bockelmanns 2012 ATC project.

I have joined Marions 2012 ATC project again this year. This one is titled "My Body Is A Cage". I have visited a few sites of ladies who are in the swap who have sent theirs to Marion and the work is fantastic. I will look forward to my returns.
Here is mine............. Credits to. Tumble Fish Studio for Victorian cage, can't remember whose the head is, but sure it was one  I have purchased from Deviant Muse.


Lucy said...

LOVELY Glenda! Well done, and a Happy Birthday to you for Sunday?!!
Hugs Lucy

Barb said...

Great ATC GF!

Char said...

Lovely ATC for Marions swap. Love the face.

Martina2801 said...

Your ATC is gorgeous, dear Glenda. Keep my fingers crossed that I get one of them.

Glenda said...

Thanks all for comments. I hope that Marion sees your post here Martina. :-) Barb gets one anyway as we always make one for each other being in the same country, if not same city at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Glenda, you worked a very beautiful card - I'm so excited to see what wonderful ATCs will come to me soon! Thank you also for your nice comments in my gallery, I was very happy about it.

Ulrike said...

...and it's mine now! Today I received the cage-post from Marion and I am happy to own your fantastic card from the other end of the world. Thank you so much!

Sandy said...

Hi Glenda,

I have one from your wonderful ATC´s.
Thanks so much. This is absolutely great.

Anonymous said...

I recieved one of your wonderful ATCs and can enjoy it in person now! Thanks!