Sunday, September 20, 2015

Week 11 Portrait in our FotoChallenge

Week 11  in our FotoChallenge Bevlea and Jan  and others on our Face-Book FotoChallenge page is Portrait.
Portrait of Toria and friends at school end of term 3.
 This was taken at Paul & Torias end of term day. They were in favourite sports team colors.
Obviously the teacher had said something, the other kids were looking there, not Toria as usual, looking at everything else.  Sorry about the alien bits on kids, also could'nt figure out how to put a better cover on the faces,  but I have not asked parents if it's ok to post their kids on my blog etc.

You can see the tiredness in all the kids at end of term3.  I would love to have been able to get out and about and take better portraits of people, but time this week as usual has escaped me.  BUT! I do like the composition of 4 looking one way and 1 the opposite.

Nest weeks theme is: Transport. Come join us.................Hoping to find some old transport round this district..............

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