Monday, July 20, 2009

Creative Mondays and more

Once a month three friends get together and have a play time, this last Monday Bevlea, Lucy and Eliza came to visit my place and we started a 7Gypsies CityScape Board Book. Lucy chose Vintage, Bevlea Gothic and Eliza and I are doing Zetti, We must have needed some practise LOL.
Here is a sneak peek at a couple of pages started last Monday.
I had not done much Zetti at all and finally understand the way it should be. Bevlea explained to me that Zetti can be done two ways. Zetti by day, bright colors and Zetti by night, old Circus colors. So my plan is to do one side daytime and the reverse will be Night time.

I also have joined a Zetti ATC swap run by Marion Bocklemann The challenge was to make three Zetti style ATC's to send to Germany and swap with other International artists. I have done two lots of three.
I had fun doing these as they are much brighter etc than what I normally do.

Marion they are postal tomorrow.

I also need to learn how to put the pics in a good spot. HELP!!!! LOL


bockel24 said...

very colourful and creative, I love them!

Lucy said...

Looking Good Glenda!!!
Love the colours!
Hugs Lucy

Glenda said...

Thanks Marion and Lucy for comments.
I am looking forward to the play time of the village again Lucy, yours is looking great.

Barb said...

These are looking great Glenda... it's going to be a great swap.

Glenda said...

It sure is Barb. I'm looking forward to the returns

Char said...

Your day and night Zetti are fabulous.

Queen Of Toys said...

Hey Glenda you are on a ROLL girl, they are fantastic love them. It looks like you have got the swing of things now on Zetti that is for sure.

Hugs E

Sabine said...

Today I received your ZETTY I 1/4 and I love it!!!!

Glenda said...

Sabine, Ohhhhhhh lucky you. I am so looking forward to receiving mine too.
I am glad that you like it. said...

hi glenda, i´ve got your funny zetti atc yesterday. thank so much