Sunday, July 5, 2009


ME, ME, ME, I entered into the discussion on Barbs blog where she had put a challenge on for people to comment about why some people don't comment on some blogs that they visit. Barb had been on a blog JESSICA WESOLEK and she had an article about GIVING BACK, it made very interesting reading, and we all had to comment on it to go in the lottery to win this
ATC from Barb. I had coveted it anyway, so am very pleased that it was MY turn to win something. Thank you Eliza
for the heads up to go look and see who comment number three was.

Today during our walk with the dog (Zaccy) I came across this tree that had gorgeous bark on it and I couldnt resist bringing some home to scan and use as backgrounds.

So, for my Kiwi friends you might see it on a background (paper) as it would be confiscated at customs, the Aussies probably think I'm loopy, but hey I liked it. I think its paperbark???

The ATCMixed Media Yahoo group run by Eliza and Lucy had a Tryptich Arch swap for last month and I offered to fill the gap and do two. Here is one of them that has been posted and Sandra can peek or not :-)
The second one I will load when it is finished and posted, probably tomorrow.


Marilyn Rock said...

Congrats Glenda! Happy you won. Thanks for your lovely comment on my Blog and I am looking forward to Marion's ATC swap, too! Great Blog, here, and I intend to visit often. Have a lovely day! Your art is wonderful!

Barb said...

Hi my friend... yes... that bark is from a Melaleuca tree, an Aussie native and your find is known as paper bark. There have been a lot of artists create wonderful art with it.

Barb said...

I forgot to say how lovely the arches are....great work Glenda!

Queen Of Toys said...

I have one of those trees on my naturestip Glenda and when they flower I get really bad asthma and barb is correct is saying it is a Melaleuca Tree and yes some artists have made beautiful things with that bark. I have even seen jewellery made from it, amazing stuff.

Congratulations Glenda on your win with Barb.

Lucy said...

Congrats Glenda!! I have used bark in my art, so, this Aussie doesn't think you're crazy at all!
Hugs Lucy

Lady Di said...

Congratulations on your win, it's a fantastic ATC to have in your collection. Your arches are lovely. With regard to the Paperbark, I think Tom on MasterChef even cooked fish in it ... so there are many uses.

Glenda said...

Thanks for all comments here.
Marilyn I will look forward to seeing you visit me here and I will see you on your blog.
Barb, thanks for info re paperbark, and the arch is lovely, thanks for a couple of the images my friend. Sandra will treasure it she says.
Eliza, I will have to strip some when I come over again.
Lucy, thank you for being an Aussie who don't tnink I'm too crazy LOL, see you Monday.