Sunday, July 19, 2015

Week 2 of our FotoChallenge Black and White

Well here it is nearly Sunday night over and I am just starting to do something about my FotoChallenge for the Week.
This weeks is BLACK AND WHITE  I have been having a bit of trouble with my Photoshop so for now am going to just post the pic as it is.

Easy enough. Black and white, Yep, it snowed here during the week, so took some photos of the fun round here.
Across to camp from house

I am going to get to the lesson regarding last weeks pic of the lemons and yummy lemon butter during the week. I am going to remove the handles off the cupboard to make it a better looking picture.  Also Bevlea has given me some other tips as well to take some good photos.

So til during the week, have a good one.. Please join us in this challenge and link your efforts in our comments.


Bevlea Ross said...

Pic looks great Glenda..good job on the editing :)
wouldnt have thought we'd get that much snow lower down in victoria, but this winters been so cold....

Glenda said...

Thank you GF, PM me if you think the pic needs anything else done to it. Apparently it last snowed here 16 years ago. Brrrrrrrrrr

purple bird art said...

The snow there in Oz made the news here in the USA! Love the photo. Dramatic composition!